Thursday 1 May 2014

Old Desert Terrain and British Heliograph.

 Well here are a couple of shots of my 10mm Pendraken British Army Heliograph. I will talk about the terrain later, but for now I shall just concentrate on the figures. Inall I have 3 of these heliograph teams but as I only need one have only painted 1. The reason for this is that I may want one in a desert khaki colouring for the later Sudan. By leaving 2 unpainted I retain the option of going either way regarding the colours. Like the majority of my colonial figures  they are on a 20mm by 20mm base. And as such will fit in the box assigned to them with little difficulty.

What follows is a random set up of my 6mm Modular desert Terrain. It was build about 30 years ago and at the time simply used what was available to me. As a result there are a variety of colours. This really does not bother me too much, ideally it would be all the same colours, but I don't live in a perfect world. Not even a model perfect world.  All the boards were hand made from 5mm and 10mm foam board. And as they were all hand made they don't fit together perfectly. As you can see there are some gaps. But overall these gaps are acceptable top me. I have some more 5mm foam board so expect some more of this terrain coming soon.

This is most of my terrain, in my memory there was more! By most I mean about 3/4s so there is still enough for variations and I can almost guarantee that it will not go back in exactly the same way! The River and water sections were done for Battletech but have never been used.

Originally this was made for 6mm WW2 Western Desert. But now as I have a couple of 10mm Sudan armies I will need to replace the buildings (honestly these ones are too small). I have bought sufficient 10mm desert Buildings while at Salute, so that will be a very quick job.

And there you have it, I suspect the terrain will work perfectly well for the change of scale and other than the buildings see no changes that desperately need to change. If I get picky I can always re-paint each board but have no plans to do so at this stage.

Thanks for looking today. Have a good few days and I shall post again on Saturday. Have a good one folks.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Turkish HMG

Having bought this at Cavalier I have finally managed to slap some paint on it. So Today we have an EARLY WAR MINIATURES Turkish Heavy Mg. This is a Maschinengewehr_08 with two crew, we can assume the officer/NCO with the binoculars is able to change ammunition belts as well as peer into the distance. While normally I would use IT miniatures for great war as Tim is a club member, this was an impulse buy at the Cavalier wargames show. Don't get me wrong Early war miniatures do some great stuff and I don't regret getting this model I did find the sculpting a little awkward. Which is not to say I could do better, I can't! It is probably because I have painted so many of one company I have gotten used to their sculpts. Anyway I digress!

Clearly this figure is destined for my Arab Revolt game. As such it will give the Turks a huge advantage. Not sure how I will balance that yet, I may just not bring it into play and have it sitting on the side-lines so peoples think it is an option. As such I now can state that I have all the figures done for the Arab revolt game and am ready to rock and roll. Couple of things I have still to do with the boards so I am in plenty of time.

So what else am I working on? That is an interesting question! About 30 years ago I started making some 1/300th desert terrain. It has only been used in anger once as the guy I built it to play with moved away and I have not seen him for about 20 years now! I had forgotten this terrain if I am honest as it was boxed up and put in the garage. And now I find that I am doing some 10mm Sudan. It seems far too good an opportunity to miss. So I am adding to it. Yes I will have to change the buildings but that really is the only change I will need to make. So later in the week you may get offered a photo of a desert terrain set up. As always there is a lot more to do on it, but it should work for 10mm figures so maybe in a few weeks I will be able to play Black powder as opposed to Patrols in the Sudan.

Ok folks I had better go. Take care and hope to see you back here again soon. Cheers Clint

Sunday 27 April 2014

Mixed Bag today.

Well it never rains but it pours! Just when you think you'll get one thing done you have a little spurt and get a couple done instead. First off we have a collection of German WW1 troops in 28mm. Sorry no idea what the manufacture is as I have painted these for a friend. I am a big fan of the faces though the sculpting is very straight forward and crisp. It has those not too try hard look. These may have come out a little too blue, but early war German Uniforms as witness on the Renegade Miniatures web site, or even on the box of Airfix soldiers is closer to that than the grey green later in the conflict.

I have also managed to sort out a limber for my SCW forces. So this is another 10mm figure. It did come as part of the 10mm Colonial troops I bought on eBay. But as I only had 1 set of riders for 3 limbers and a wagon it just made sense to use them for the SCW. I will no doubt get more limber riders for the colonial stuff in the near future, but for now this can be a Spanish Civil War limber. Which is not to say that I have an abundance of towed artillery.

Well that's it for today. I intend to do my next update on Tuesday. So until then take care and get some painting done. All the best Clint