Saturday 5 April 2014

Do Raymondo Dismounted. (Sunglasses advised before looking)

 A week ago today and I showed the mounted version of these troops. So it is only fair that I show the dismounted versions. Following comments last week I have painted one figure with a pink sombrero to represent Don Raymondo Rousell. Ok it may not be him when it comes to the battle but at least it should put a smile on certain faces and as such is a worthwhile endeavour. I have yet to re-paint one of the mounted figures in a pink sombrero but that is but a few moments work and will be quite enjoyable.

These are again Pendraken miniatures in the same 10mm scale. A scale I have come to relish so much that I am contemplating starting all future armies in the same scale for big battle games. But we both know I will get side-tracked long before I do that.

I was going to paint some 28mm German WW1 figures this afternoon, alas I have run out of superglue so may not attaché them to bases for handling and painting. Darn. So until Monday I am at a loss as to what to paint.

So on that note I shall leave it to Monday for my next post. Take care until then and get some painting done if you can.

All the best Clint

Thursday 3 April 2014

Samurai Red Bowmen.

Well it was only a matter of time. So here are my next lot of 10mm Pendraken Samurai. 7 stands each of 4 figures. I was trying for 8 stands but with missing figure it was easier to do 7 bases for now and sort out the last base of archers when I can find the absent without leave.

Anyway you should know by now these will be for my red army which is slowly growing. I expect a game or two in the coming months, unless I get distracted.... ooh look shinies! Yeah I know It's likely to happen. But until it does I will continue as I am just preparing for Salute.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Mad Naville.

 Ok we all know who this is supposed to be. Yep that's right Neville! Mad Neville. It's a Reaper Miniatures Chronoscape figure. I originally got it for Curt's painting challenge I was hoping to get it done for the Favourite character bonus round. But alas it was not finished in time ho Hum Can't be helped never mind. Therefore I quickly finished it as a random zombie survivor so any resemblance to any film character is totally coincidental.

I will be finishing a few things off in the run up to Salute so I would expect the next week or two to be quite random.

That's it for today. All the best Clint.

Sunday 30 March 2014

Type 27

There has been some illness in the house of late so painting is on the down low. Everyone is fine and will recover so don't worry about that. But thank you for your concern anyway. As such the only thing ready to share is a single type 27 pill box in 10mm (1/200th scale).

This model comes from "Last Man Last Bullet" a new company to me and he's obviously concentrating on the things he wants and where there are gaps in the market. Click HERE for a link.

I only bought one of these having met the guy at a show and asking if he would sell a single item. He agreed and gave a price and the money changed hands. It is a single piece casting and is very clean and clear by wargaming standards. No flash or Air bubbles and finished to a very high standard. From what I have seen of their products I would recommend them. They do (at the moment) a little bit in 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 28nn so perhaps they might be worth a look for you as well.

The Type 27 really is a basic pill bow. One door and a firing slit at each face. Because it is so basic I will use it for the Spanish Civil War game I have planned. I have seen no actual evidence of the type 27 being used in the SCW but the bunkers and pill boxes that were used do not seem to be as sophisticated as those in late WW2. So while this may not be totally correct, it will be close enough for me!

Thanks for looking today and I hope to have a little more come Tuesday this week. So until then take care, have fun and get a little painting done.