Friday 24 January 2014

10mm Mahdists

 This was my last submission For Curt's Painting challenge. Click on the Wild Bunch Painting challenge picture top right to take you there. 33 figures on 11 bases. Each 20x20mm base has two figures with rifles as the rules I am basing these for differentiates between Shooting and melee stands so I could not just mix and match them as I originally thought to do.

I will be submitting a few more from this force later today. But this time the first of the melee stands. It would be wrong to say too much about them just yet and too be honest not very many in the first batch. There will be more than one submission of the melee bases though. As you can never have enough tribesmen.

Yes I will do a group shot towards the end. As someone always asks for one.

Elsewhere on the painting table I have started the Hero/Heroes bonus round submission as well as the Casualties Bonus round submission. I hope to turn them both into Vignettes but that will depend on time.

I am also working on some more camel riders. Yes more and hope to pick up the last bits and bobs for the Arab Revolt game on Sunday at the club. So the end is in sight.

And the last picture just because I found it funny. No real reason just an excuse to look at a few tidy bottoms!

All the best Take care and hope to see you soon.

Cheers Clint

Wednesday 22 January 2014


Sorry guys. That seems to be the best place to start. I have picked up a spam email. So if you receive an email from me with no chatter and a link. PLEASE do not open the link just bin the email. It is only advertising weight loss and let's be honest. Eat less and move more. There that covers it all you need to know about loosing weight in one sentence and no link involved.

 Wargames wise I have re-based these to fit my Mahdists You have seen them before on different bases, so don't think they are new, just a re-base. I have submitted some more Pendraken 10mm Mahdist to the painting challenge but they only went on to Curt's blog yesterday so I should be able to show them on Saturday.

As I have mentioned the challenge I should say I have now exceeded my points target so will need to set a new one. As this is my first time in the challenge I have no idea of what I can get done. So I am open to suggestions of points totals. I know I will not be entering all the bonus rounds..... Last stand... is one round I will not be intending to enter. I will also need to make two terrain boards which will obviously eat into my time.

Anyway that's it for today sorry If you have received any spam email from me. Next planned post is Saturday. All the best take care Clint

Tuesday 21 January 2014

My Laurence of Arabia.

 Well that is the vehicle bonus round submitted. If you have yet to check it out please do and vote if you wish. But be aware there is a lot of really good stuff and it will take you more than a few moments, Link .

AS you can see I have continued working on the Arab revolt project. In the top picture you can see some Arab troops in Uniform. This clearly shows the official flag of the Arab revolt. Varieties of which are still used today for various Arab nations. The design itself was created by the English no doubt with consultation from locals. I am in no way an expert or the flags of the Arab revolt but I recreated this flag purely as it was easier to paint than the tribal standards which I could not find a very good image to copy. I hope that it will make a little talking point in the game set up as I  only anticipate 1 standard bearer. And makes a clear indication of where Laurence would be on the battle field.

I have also done both a foot and mounted Laurence. The foot Laurence is a standard Arab officer from IT miniatures. Just painted in a similar manner to Peter O'Toole costume in the film. I differed from the gold headband and used black as at several times in the film a black band was used and contrasts well against the light colours of his headdress.

I had to do a very minor conversion on the Mounted version. Just a hand swap. I wanted to show Laurence with a revolver as I know that is how he went into battle. Additionally there was an incident where he accidently shot his own camel in the head while riding into war. It was not until after the battle that it was discovered that he had pulled the trigger that killed the beast but in game turns that is definitely a fumble!

As the bonus round was for a vehicle I did take the opportunity to paint a Rolls Royce Armoured Car. Larry did have his own Armoured car which he named. This one is slightly out of date being a 1928 Pattern Armoured Car, but the differences are really undecearnable at this scale partly because the external changes are minimal but also because they became modified when in the field. Thus only serious "Rivet Counters" would even think to look for the differences. Where us as wargamers would just accept it as it is. I do not intend to use it in the Game for Broadside, but it is always nice to have the option.

Other than this I have sent some more figures of to Curt's Painting challenge so with luck thy should be on here in a couple of days. And Work in progress includes some more Camel mounted troops and my Hero bonus round entry. I know it is most unlike me to not leave it for the last minute. The Hero Bonus will not have any Camels and that is a promise.

Anyway thanks for looking today. Comments are always welcome and now I need to get on with some painting. So all the best, take care and talk soon. Cheers Clint

Sunday 19 January 2014

Catch up!

 Well a week has gone by without an AAR about the game at the club. And to be honest I have forgotten a lot of the details so this will be very sketchy.

Graham and myself played a game of "Square Bashing" the Peter Pig WW1 rules. As Graham has Russian Civil War figures we both took random opposing armies. Which gave me a "Red Army Shock Assault Force". I usually am happier in defence then attack but decided to "go for it" in the pregame. The result of the pregame was that I was 30 points ahead of Graham which meant he had to roll 8 d6 for each unit to determine if that unit would arrive and if so in what condition. The result was that most of his troops would begin the game off table.

The first few turns saw me take 1 of the 4 objectives in the game and prepare to assault two more objectives. My off table artillery brought down a barrage and stopped any White army reinforcements arriving until turn 3. Alas both my assaults failed and Graham inflicted heavy casualties on both forces as well as pushing my elite troops back to my base line.

I did manage to regroup and my cavalry forced Grahams command from the table. They then attacked a single mortar. Two Cavalry battalions and somehow the mortar won and the cavalry had to retreat. But they passed all there morale checks and were able to join in asulting  the second objective along with my now returned elite unit and a militia unit from the flank. This time the dice favoured me and Grahams objective was beaten. He could not retreat due to my cavalry and thus took more and more damage instead.

I did manage to take the third objective but for the loss of my 2 armoured cars. But Graham was able to bring his reinforcements up and reinforce objective no:2. And then we ran out of time.

Overall a really good game and a Minor victory for me, but with very heavy casualties. From my point of view the off table artillery was the decisive factor in my Victory as they disrupted Grahams efforts to reinforce and even sent a unit from the battle field due to failed morale checks. They were also able to keep objective no:2 Pinned down and having to take morale almost every other turn. Grahams Armoured Train did very little in real terms but I was worried about it's potency so did not even attempt to attack the 4th Objective. This was more my reluctance that it's effectiveness in combat. And as the first time we had used the train was an interesting addition to the game.

Additionally I picked up a few goodies from Tim (Frontline Wargaming and IT miniatures) Some of which are already painted and Pictures sent off to Curt and the painting Challenge which shall no doubt be put on his web site later today.
Not going into details at this stage but you should be able to work out what I have submitted based on the picture and knowing that it is the Vehicle Bonus round.

As of last night I have a War of Spanish Sucession game planed for next Sunday so I am putting the 10mm Ansar to one side yet again to do some lace covered frilly figures in 15mm. So expect them in the paining challenge this week.

Thanks for reading and more in a couple of days. Take care and have some fun.

All the best Clint