Friday 11 November 2016

A loyt of painting

Mostly I have been painting in my spare time and not progressing the Klintanistan game. But It is slowly progressing and I hope to finish 2 more players turns this evening.... that is of course until the football comes on and then sorry I will be glued to the TV.  However until the kick off here are a few more figures to entertain you.

Yes more 28mm Foundry Sikhs above is a group shot of all the ones painted this week. 2 Flag bearers as well as officers (both European and native officers) non commissioned officers and enlisted men. I have split them into smaller groups so you can see them more clearly and not just a bunch of kahki clad figures.

The Flags are from a famous Irish regiment and not Indian at all. But a lack of Indian flags are produced commercially so I just went with what looked good. For the historical perfectionists among you I do apologise and do indeed look forward to you sending me replacements. What you are not going to send replacements well in that case hard luck I am not changing them.

As part of the Empire they are entitled to carry the Union Flag (only called a Jack when it is flown at see).  Two of the officers wear sheep skin coats to keep the cold out in the chilly night of the high mountain passes, all the other troops are in uniform Which in this period is Khaki. I am told when the army swapped from red uniforms to khaki  they dye was sent as a powder in tins and the instructions were not totally clear so many different shades were produced due to the local water and the amount of dye that was added. So as far as I am concerned any Kharki is right for this period.  If you know better I would be happy to hear from you.

Well that is the painting done for this week now I need to get typing.

All the best folks and I should manage a post either Sunday night or Monday morning.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Bye from Clint

Wednesday 9 November 2016

A world afalme... well nearly.

Well as mentioned some painted figures. No not what you were expected. These are 20mm Russian Civil War figures by IT miniatures. The Donkey comes from the WW1 range. I think French, but could be British or German. Anyway we were talking about some interwar period games at the club and I had these in the painting queue and so I finally took the plunge and got them painted. They are not brilliant but they are at least painted and look about right for some "20mm BACK OF BEYOND" games which will most likely never happen but a squad ad a supply mule finished anyway.

Thanks for looking, more again soon.

All the best Cheerio

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Secrety Santa Update.

Yes I have news! Firstly my "Secret Santa" gift has arrived. So who ever sent it was very swift at the dispatch. If that was you many thanks I found it quite exciting and NOT the usual mail I get through the door, that tends to be fast food leaflets and occasionally a leaflet from a man offering gardening services or a builder trying to drum up work. So who ever sent it Please know that it has arrived, and I do not know what it is, but I suspect it to be figures of one kind or another. So who ever you are you have put a smile on my usually grumpy face!

I had best get my act together and send my SS out as well.

All the best folks and I can now start looking forward to Crimbo!

I will try to post again tomorrow with some painted figures.

 Cheerio.... Clint

Sunday 6 November 2016

Turn 3 Klintanistan

First some game news. From this moment on I will be processing turns in the order they arrive.

This means several things. Firstly the international arms market does have a very finite level of resources. And they will be dealt with on a first come first served manner.

Secondly attacks (should there be any ) will also be dealt with in this order, so if you plan any hostile actions. Say for example you want to blow up another players assests perhaps a mine. If that player has already had his turn processed they will still get the money from the territory. This also applies to military attacks so if you want to attack an enemy BEFORE they attack you the turn reaching me first will strike first.


And it is a "big but and I can not lie!"
Yes this was a real tank of the period!
And yes it is on a two wheeled trailer.

If you want to spy on another player you will get MORE information if the turn was later  than the person you want to spy on. As I will have not written their turn when I process yours if their turn comes in after your turn.

So from now on it is up to the players to try to balance and second guess what other players might, or might not do!

  • I hope this makes it easier for me.
  • makes each player plan their turns a little more as the time element is now crucial. As players determine if they want international aid more than information about an opponent.
Rumours and Gossip.

  • The GIMP is the saviour of the nation.
  • Secret Police are watching your leader.
  • Italian contacts are unreliable in the game.
  • The Order has the biggest military machine
  • There really are NO Dodos honest they are desert eagles flying to the central highlands.
  • Millistan is holding a great horse race the winner will be crowned as a prince.
  • there is a Royal wedding being planned and no sign of any baby bumps either!
  • At least 2 deep water ports have now been started. And more are planned.
  • What on earth is Scottie Service?
  • Millistan is giving land to soldiers free.
  • DI7 is a real thing.
  • The above is a lie!
  • Franonia is recruiting
  • There are now units of female soldiers so if you want any typing done....
  • No you did not see a Yeti!
  • An assassination is planned on a significant leader of another country.
  • The workers hate the Order.
  • Lock up your daughters
  • There is not and never has been any spies. They are just the 5th column
  • Some countries really want to buy more aircraft but no one is selling any.
  • America has allied with a country. Don't mess with the Yanks.
  • Maulisia is a hell hole do not go their they are likely to eat dodos or so I have heard.
  • Canukistan is concentrating on building schools in preference to making an better army.
  • The worm is slowly turning.
  • At least 2 countries are close to a revolt by the.... Gulp ssshh don't say any more the secret police are everywhere.
That's all folks until nest time !