Monday 12 November 2018

Peter's flaming pigs!

Yesterday at the club we played "To the strongest" By Simon Miller. A fast play set of "ancients" rules (by "Ancients" I mean Biblical up to late medieval/renaissance!).

WE actually played Romans in Germania. 3 players on each side. The Romans were Graham, bob and Richard, while the German tribesmen were (from left to right) Peter, Tim, and me (on the right wing.) We each had one hidden card which was a special one use tactic! I'll come to tat later.

All terrain and figures were supplied by Graham. Terrain was symmetrical and we had choice of where we positioned the camps. The Roman camp (needless to say) was Fortified while the German camp was not! Oh dear.

Each side had 13 Victory points and it was the first side to take all the Victory points from the other side.

The game looks quits dull and unaspiring but played well.
All Photos taken from my position! (Right wing otf the German Tribes)
Starting positions.
Bob plays his tactic card on me an all my troops
retreat 1 square!

1st turn I manage to get out of the camp
and advance. All the germans likewise advance.
and so do the Romans.

There is a hole in the German line
to which the Roman elite advance

First clash is not devastating
The Germans hold all along the line.

We take casualties but still hold firm )
It could be much worse.

While still holding the Fragile Romans
loose heart and with disaterous effects they break at my flank.

I play my tactic card and Flank march my cavalry
Up to this point kept off table and they arrive
behind Richards now faltering line.
The Romans have a praetorian unit on the right wing
but nothing else.
In 1 turn I score 5 Victory points.

Yes my cavalry arrive and while there presence on the boad
 makes the Romans think and ponder
they do not achieve much
The Praetorians were then trapped
with Germans on two flanks.

They kept turning to face the aggressor.
and were played really well.

Over on   the left wing
Peter faced off against Graham a more experienced player.

meanwhile back on the right wing.
I had an aweful run of cards and could not do much.
except threated the camp
but only threaten.

With both Tim and Myself against the Praetorians
Sooner or later we were going to win
Surely we were!
Eventually Tim did!

Peter had a couple of tries to enter the Roman Camp
both tries were unsuccessful
But his troops had for the most part driven the Roman Cavalry off.
It was expensive in troop casualties
but eventually

The last rurns were evenly matched.
Graham played his special card which was an Assassination attempt.
The attempt failed.
But only just.

Time was about up and Peter played his special tactic card.
Flaming warpigs of doom
It was enough to give us the final Victory point and sent a Roman light horse unit running for the hills.

Conclusion: I got 5 Victory points all in one turn and the Germans won
quite convincingly in the end. A total of 13 Vp to 6. the rules were good and I can imagine another game in 2 weeks time. But hopefully with some more and better terrain.

Thanks for looking more again soon.