Saturday 17 October 2015

BUF (Part 9) Sniper

Well they all go back to Matt tomorrow so there will be no group shot. But they are all finished and boxed and ready for transit. so he will get first look, as so he should. But they are all photographed, just in case I forget my camera tomorrow I will have something to blog come Monday. But here is a sneak peek.

A single figure of a BUF sniper. I am afraid I do not know the make but I think it has had a head swap anyway. It was great fun to paint the camouflage Ghillie suit. Just a single colour (Camo Green by GW) with a black wash and a highlight. Then a mix of different greens and browns on each of the tassels to break up the outline 

Right this was an unscheduled blog post. so I hop you were not expecting too much or too many figures, just the one today.

All the best Clint.

Post script: I have added a different pic to my last post as the camera light was just that little bit brighter.

Friday 16 October 2015

Something nasty in the woodshed!

Yes I finished these early so no blog post tomorrow so the next one on Monday.

so here are two constructs for Frostgrave. They are of course two Corndolls by Crooked Dice 7TV range. Totally suitable for Dr Who or 7TV or Frostgrave or C'thulhu or strange aeons or one of a dozen other games. But if I was not playing Frostgrave I would probably not have got them. But I am happy I did though.

These are my first figures from the SELWG show to get painted, not that I pushed the boat out very far at all. Very few figures purchased. Although I did have a very good chat with a few people including Karl of Crooked dice who does like an idea I have for a zombie scenario and is encouraging me to complete it. There was even the very slim possibility of them making a figure for it..... but that really is VERY unlikely just a pipedream.

 So waffling aside here are 2 28mm horror figures. I did think of painting the bases to be snow covered, but instead went for green grass finish as I do not see scarecrows in the snow where crops do not flourish!

Makes a change from BUF, these two were painted purely for my fun and not for anyone else. And yes I did enjoy them.

That's it for now hope to check in and post an AAR on Monday. Until then remember not all the monsters are in the woodshed some live under your bed!

All the best Clint (yes it is still raining)

Let's just see if this snap came out better?

Thursday 15 October 2015

BUF (part 8)

The same figures as last time. By that I mean 28mm Footsore British union of Fascists. Just the latest batch finished.

You guessed it for matt again and I will do a group shot early next week. I say next week as while they will be finished for the club on Sunday I thought I would break the series of posts with something else I am painting.

That's it for today. More again soon (planning for Saturday). Until then take care and have fun.

All the best from a rainy Kent.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

BUF (Part 7)

3 blog posts in 3 days! Yeah I know who would think it! I Finished 7 more British Union of Fascists last night so here are the pics.

All painted for Matt, all 28mm and all Footsore miniatures. I have 7 more on the paint table at the moment as well so expect another post about them soon. I am also painting some Medieval Turkish cavalry for Peter but I am less sure of them so they will be finished by 3 weeks when he needs them.

Anyway back to these Only 3 different poses in this batch and no (as far as I can determine) conversions (there will be in the next batch.

That's it, you have seen these type of figures before so much the same as the last ones. Which is good as I do enjoy painting them.

All the best Clint

Monday 12 October 2015

Selwg 2015

Just a very few pics of the show. And a few comments.

Firstly let's talk about parking, there was a bunch of "Travellers" (No not from the sci fi rpg) who had tried to use the carpark of the event space so the usual car parking was restricted and with a great many people parking on the grass. (Including us!)

Secondly footfall did seem a little down this year, not because of the parking as we all know IF you can get a wargamer out of their house they are going to make it to the show! Footfall was not so noticeable in the morning but very noticeable after 1pm.

Below are a few of the games that did for one reason or another stand out!

A Very French Civil war.
I assumed the game would involve lots of Gallic shrugs
but saw none in evidence. 

A James Bond Skiing game
Interesting as one of the few games using the 3rd dimension.
You do not see 3 d in every game so nice to see it on occassionbs

An Ancient Greece game
A Participation game at the very moment that Big Lee has his camp sacked!
I bet he did not mention that!

While not a period I have very much interest in it is still
 good to see nice figures en-mass.

Anything could happen in the next 30 minutes.
A "Stingray" game and only stick in the muds would not want a Stingray game!

"Stretcher bearer"
Celebrating the contribution of the unsung heroes of WW1

Simple MDF ships used to great effect.
It is great to see the uses that laser cut MDF can be put to.
While the scale is too large for my interest I can appreciate it.

The Latest "Crush the Kaiser" game/supplement
is the American Mexican war of the same period as WW1
(all 3 pictures)
Where else do you ever see a game of this setting.
I never have
Well there were a lot more games, some of which appealed to me and some of which much less so. But as I decided only to cover games I liked for one reason or another many have been missed out.

That said There were two games I just forgot about taking pics of. A 6mm WW1 game and a Darkest Africa game. Both situated up by the bring and buy stands.

It was great to see all the bloggers and all my wargames chums again.

Cheers Clint

Sunday 11 October 2015


Sorry for the lack of posts. They have been because I was doing something I cannot tell you about. Ok OK I'll spill! I was asked to paint a figure for someone and not tell anyone what it might be. As they will receive next weekend I will very likely post pics then or soon thereafter.

Well the picture says it all. Here is what I got. But most importantly the physical side is not as important as the joy of meeting other bloggers and other people in the wargames community. You can expect blogs of the show from the following bloggers, Tamsin (Link to blog!), Ray (Link to Blog) , Big Lee of the sore shins (Link to his blog ) Whispering Al (You guessed it another blog link.) as well as many more as well and I am sure they will do a very good show report.

So what did I buy, from top left to bottom right-

  • 4 28mm Collie Dogs. you can never have enough dogs in a game. From Col Bill stand.
  • 1 belt fed miniature that I am painting for Louise.... but she wants no pics just yet! Again from Colonel Bills.
  • 1 20mm Huey medevac crew from Grubby tanks You may recall that I picked up a spare Huey at the Skirmish show. Now you know what it will be!
  • 1 20mm Sampan again for my Vietnam collection as I have no brown water stuff at all (until now) Again from Grubby tanks.
  • 2 28mm scare crows from Crooked Dice. Part impulse buy, part frostgrave constructs. I may not have another enchanter!
So as you can see quite a small haul. But after paying for fuel entrance and food and drinks (OK fizzy pop and sweets!) not much change from £45.

I did not take many pics of the day, but will put them up tomorrow.
Cheers for now Clint