Friday 1 March 2013

1 New 3 Re-paints

 Well as you can see I have managed to repaint three more figures from the white spray can fiasco. In addition I finished another Hasslefree zombie hunter. So four figures finished this week, which considering I have been on Annual leave is really not a lot. I shall try to do better next week. Not really a lot more to say today so I shall keep it short.

I'll post again on Sunday (I hope) so until then take care of yourself and those who are close to you. All the best Clint

Wednesday 27 February 2013

SWAG (Cavalier)

As mentioned on Monday here is a quick shot of the Cavalier loot. I did not stick entirely to my planned spend but I will say there is nothing I am unhappy with. So what did I walk out the door with?
  • 7ombie Tv Supplement "For Ghouls and Colleges" Not only the rules but also the cards. Being honest I can't see myself using the majority of this rule supplement as most of it is not to my taste. I am glad to have gotten it, but it will probably never be used. I know a couple of other club members will want a look though and perhaps they will take something from it that I have missed.
  • Osprey fortress series: D-Day Fortifications in Normandy. On my list I had thought to get an Osprey book of some kind. Given my Architectural background and my interest in wargaming Osprey Fortress series always have something of interest for me. It was not until Monday night that it occurred to me that I might find something useful for my Caen Campaign. Given that this book concentrates on beach defences there is little I can use in reality for the campaign though, unless I do a flash back mission. It will be read and digested and the information used at a later date no doubt.
  • 1 Pot of Dark elf Green "Coat d' Arms" paint. (I can always use dark green paint!
  • A complete 15mm War of Spanish Succession British army. (all the packs centre left). I had asked Black Hat to bring one for me to look at as I would rather see what the figures look like in real life than via the interwebb thingie! I glanced at two packs and immediately decided that I liked the figures so much more than the Bacus 6mm ones.  I passed Mike Lewis my hard earned and went round with a smile on my face all day. I will say I really do like these figures in 15mm, I can't stress that enough. I also bumped into one of the Kirke's Lambs Re-enactors (the group now disbanded), whom I had actually been to school with. This may have influenced me... Nah!
  • 2 Packs of Bases from Peter Pig. (30mmx40mm) Having spoken to Ray Rousell about his 15mm Beneath the Lilly banners base sizes these are just fractionally bigger. This should be enough to get started. These bases are the same size an my Apache bases so we can both guess where any spare will end up. 
  • 2 Resin Miscasts. Both these resin pieces are 20mm in scale and fit the criteria of farm out buildings given the very least amount of work. This work estimate will of course change the moment I want to use them of course.
  • 2 Packs of SHQ 20mm French resistance. One with a pistol one with a shot gun and the last with a bren gun. Perfect for VBCW.
  • 1 Pack of Artisan Cowboys from Second City. Yeah these were more an impulse buy then anything, but I was looking for a single cowboy figure but could not find the single figure I wanted. But all three are very nice sculpts and with a name like Clint Cowboys are always an option! Perhaps it's a weakness. If I had been Christened "Kirk" no doubt Star Trek would float my boat (it doesn't).
  • Last but not least a gift from Crooked Dice another Fembot. Was offered it free by Karl because he really likes a game idea I suggested and because I gave him some of the fudge I made for Ray and Fran. (I am not suggesting good quality food is a way to a wargamers heart.... you can make your own assessment!)
Well that's the haul that made it home with me. But the best thing I walked away with was the smile and feeling of well being the show engendered in me.

That's todays post folks. next post Friday. Until then take care and paint if you can and plan to paint if you can't. All the best Clint!

Monday 25 February 2013

Cavalier 2013

Yesterday I went to Cavalier, the Tonbridge Well Wargames Society (TWWS) show. For me this is the first show of the year and represents getting back into the swing of things after the Winter season. Weather is quite often an issue for this time of year but this year it was behaving itself, (last year we came across several flooded roads on the way home, a few years before that it was cancelled due to the snow etc....) This year I didn't even wear a coat even in the queue outside.  Ahead in the row of big hairy (and some baldy) large girthed chaps I could see some familure faces Bloggers Fran, Ray and Big Lee among them. (All three lesser girthed chaps than many in the queue!)

Inside it was very busy as always with shows dropping off in the afternoon. (I'll do a loot hall post later in the week, but overall very happy with my swag.) For me though the best part of the show was the meeting of fellow wargamers. At the start it really was a case of walking 5 paces and stopping and offering a greeting to a chap I knew (mostly vaguely but still) with others it was a 5 minute or longer chat. After the pleasantries it is usually a case of finding out what they are after or have already bought, some discussion of club politics and less commonly of Game ideas. I had mentioned one game idea with Larry (Hernebay and Whitstable club) about 15 months ago and he wanted to talk through the idea some more. With that gestation period the idea definitely has legs, so I will propose it for our club show game next year.

Anyway enough waffle and if I'm not going to talk about purchases or this idea I'd best start with the pictures. I have to say unlit the last hour of my visit I had forgotten to take the camera out of my bag, but was reminded by Big Lee as he rushed passed saying that he'd not taken many pictures (thanks Lee) or I might have forgotten. It's very possible that I have the labels wrong on these pictures so feel free to correct me if you know better.

Friday Night Firefight Club with Patton '46 gamed caption

My Favourite game of the show.
Crawley Wargames Club, "Brave Little Belgium 1940" Game

Belgium again, but out of the town square! A very busy looking game with much to see.

North London Wargames Group, "Drop the Bridge" (I think)

Old France new England a French Indian war game.
The guys were in costume as well !

Society of Ancients, "Battle of Crimius 340BC"

The Gamers Hub, a group of mostly young gamers
in the Medway towns with masses of enthusiasm.
"Imperial Siege 40000"

Southend Wargames Club (I suspect, but not sure and would like confirmation)
I spoke to one of the chaps here (sorry I can't remember his name)
 who was very happy to discuss the rules they were using "Maurice"
 and why they had swapped from "Lilly Banners Rules"
They also claim to have seen my blog so they get double bonus points.
as it looks like the kind of game I would have enjoyed to play.

Maidstone Wargames Club with "Operation Deadstick"