Thursday 11 October 2018

Problem solved.

No not a dramatic all singing all dancing issue but one that has vexed me.  Back on the 11th September on this blog (Here is the link) I admitted than I had lost a set of arms. I still have before anyone says.

Cutting a long story short as I am now assembling (Prior to painting, expect them next week or the week after, a unit of sergeants spearmen. ) As they are being assembled I came across another set of arms that I thought "They'll do!" I have 1 spear too many and I think 6 sets of arms to many. A natural solution was formed. Simply take the arms from an Unmade spearman and give them to a man at arms.   And that very quickly/simply is how I solved the problem.

I personally think he fits in very well and while the spear is slightly long I have no issue with that at all.

Currently on the painting table:
  • Alien arachnid. 28mm (or is he!)
  • Lion Rampant spearmen. 28mm (in construction.
  • Zombtober figure. 28mm.
  • Pendraken Spanish Civil War 10mm Light MGs (possibly with a view to buy "Bayonet and Ideology!" next Selwg show.
So lots Started, BUT alas not lots finished. But at least I have this unit finished now (other than a varnish).

Thanks for looking. No idea what I will finish next. You never know it may be Crimson skies (still reading rules so VERY unlikely).

All the best Clint

Tuesday 9 October 2018

They came from benethe the waves

As I still have relatives here. Painting has been quiet. So rather than start something new I have been re-painting! These are Crooked Dice "Conch Kin". I have of late gotten back into 7TV and in 2 weeks time shall contenmplate buying the rules again. (2nd Edition, I currently have 1st)

So why re-paint these. Well let us just say "Long term plans". I shall talk (I hope) to Carl at the SELWG show  and with tremendous luck get a game in. Just a small skirmish to re-ignite my interest. If all goes well I shall make a board in which these shall feature.

All terrain making has ground to a halt due to awaiting a delivery. But the mentioned delivery is but a few days off.  So back to making terrain , I hope< by the weekend.

Meanwhile I am finally reading the rules for Crimson Skies. The old FASA game. Yes I am looking to play some of this game. But I cannot say for sure UNTIL I finish reading the rules.

That's todays update. Not huge I know but relatives have slowed me down no end. All the best Clint.

Sunday 7 October 2018


Yes another Zombtober. So a chance to paint more zombies and survivors.

This is a figure by Mantic for their Walking dead all out war range. You have guessed it! It came in the box set, the starter set. The base set.

As such it is hard plastic 28mm and does have a character card.

I went for a very simple survivor paint scheme as I have had relatives here all morning and wanted to get him done before I missed the first blogging post of Zombtober. As that is now I have made it with time to spare.

It was painted in a hurry but looks OK so no repaint is immanent! Sometimes you just have to be content with how it turns out!

That is a very quick one for today, more again soon and so Catch you later guys!