Friday 24 August 2018

TWO days late.

Actually no I am not! These have been painted for Matt and his Crimea collection. He is expecting them in 8 days time. Matt as I am sure many of you will realise likes big guns.  Perhaps the bigger the better.

Today you will see two Foundry guns and crew for the Crimean war. They are both quite large, but more details I am afraid I cannot give you.

I do have one more to do (started but not as yet finished). Which shall barring accidents be ready for next weekend. So You can expect to see another one mid week.

I cannot offer any insight as to what these guns were used or designed for. But the top one has 4 wheels and 4 crew. I did ask Matt if he wanted the officer with this one and he said yes. I only know that sooner or later it will be used against me!

The second gun only has 2 wheels! It lacks an officer so I Imagine Matt will use it to destroy some Russian position. And nothing to fancy or supposedly clever. But with Matt you never know. Again I suspect it will be used against me in some way. Having said that Matt is as likely to give me command of these 2 guns. You just never know!

Both guns are Wargames Foundry Crimean war range. Not a period I really enjoy but that is secondary. I mostly do not enjoy it because I know so very little about it. Perhaps in the future that will change.

Being Foundry they are  both 28mm in size But as mentioned not a period I know very much about! (That's probably because other than "Charge of the Light  Brigade" there have been very few films on the war.

Anyway more in 2 days, I have Aeronef and WW2 ready to show so it will most likely be one of those options as opposed to another gun!

Until then. Take care have fun  and roll some dice In (pretend) anger! All the best Clint

Monday 20 August 2018

Fiat 621

Well I must be honest yesterday was I can't be bothered day! I did manage a teeny bit of painting.  This is a MISCAST 20mm (1/72scale) Fiat 621 Truck.  It was used by the Italians in ww2 Western desert. Captured ones were used by the British And commonwealth troops as such drivers speaking Indian or with Australian accents were not that uncommon. It was also used by the Germans when they were re-captured. As such I have put no markings on it simply because all the forces could and DID use these trucks. 

The model is (MISCAST) Frontline (Link ) and 20mm or 1/72nd scale. I shall SLOWLY be building my western desert forces. So more are on their way!

But  as mentioned above I was in a can't be bothered kind of mood all weekend so got little done!

Thanks for looking and more again in a couple of days! All the best Clint