Thursday 31 December 2015

Fresco. Mig 17

I have been quite lax over the Christmas/new year period. So here is a post that has already appeared on the Analogue Painting Challenge. In Fact my first post of  Challenge and it got me on the score board quite early with a massive 2 points. Yes I could like most people have pushed for more, but as I sometimes struggle to get started I was happy to kick of very small.

The model is a 1/300th scale or 6mm (in common wargames parlance) Mig 17 "Fresco" painted in Egyptian Livery circa 1967. For those that need it spelt out it is the very very start of my Arab Israeli wars. I will be using the Flames of war "Fate of the Nation" supplement and rules for the project and being in 6mm it should be easy to transport, paint and store.

The Fresco was used by the United Arab Republic (Egypt) in a ground attack role as well as a fighter when needed.

The Model is by "Heroics and Ros" and the flight stand is by "Frontline Wargaming" . The base is slightly too large, but at least it stops the plane toppling over. And while large it only has to show that ground attack is happening so I am not concerned about it's size.

Thanks for looking today. I will not be going in for all the new year palaver so do not expect any look backs on the year gone by or the year to come.

Cheers Guys all the best Clint