Saturday 28 June 2014

Can you tell what it is yet (2)

The answer is probably clear by now but for those still in the dark it is 35 of scale 10-15mm dry stone walling. What cha mean it don't look like that? Well it is now close enough for the wargames table. (Yes Jo you guessed it was walls give yourself a smug point and well done!)

Ok so what did I do? starting from the hardboard bases I cut chip board into thin strips. Without a guard or a guide it was all done by eye and some are noticeably thicker than others. That's not the point, it's not even the issue! Then as the chip board was about 12mm thick I was able to break them with my hands to give an un even top and a ragged edge.

Then with a hot glue gun I attached the chip board to the Hardboard bases. I will be the first to admit that I am barely competent with a hot glue gun but it worked for the most part. I only used it because it is pretty instantaneous in drying...... I think it dries too fast if I am honest. A couple of safety tips, as I have seen kids in schools try to use them in glue gun fights I can assure you that it is not a good idea unless you want to ruin each others clothes and loose all your pocket money for a long time! I would also suggest you do not eat the glue (hot or cold!) And lastly if you get it on you immediately wipe it off onto the work bench, do not wait to attract a teachers attention or rush to a sink. Additionally it is not butch and macho to see how long you can bear to hold the hot glue! Lecture over and common sense reinstated for the thicko's out there, you know who I am talking too!

The following day (I went in for some tea) I painted the hardboard areas with a mixture of green paint and Pva White wood glue and coated them with sand. The day after that I watered down some burnt umber acrylic and added more PVA and washed the chipboard to make it darker.

Another day later I repainted the hardboard and sand in a medium green and when that was dry I dry brushed some light green and yellow onto the bases.

As you can see it is all very straight forward but I did need to do it as otherwise my 10mm SCW battle field will look very barren indeed. So these added to my hedges and buildings should give enough cover so the machine guns do not decimate the other troops. This method will work for 10mm troops and 15 mm figures and 20mm figures should you wish to try making cheap simple and effective dry stone walls.

Thanks for looking today and I plan to update on Monday. And If I forget my camera at the club tomorrow I will have to let you in on one of my secret plans (Mathyoo already knows)!

As ever comments are welcome. Have a good weekend and take care of you and yours all the best Clint.

Thursday 26 June 2014

I am sure you are no doubt sick of 10mm SCW by now. So I will say sorry as I present my latest two
trucks. I thought I had finished, but yes here are 2 more. I am expecting a small parcel of figures to arrive so I was going to Blog about them. Unfortunately they did not arrive so maybe by Saturday. I was going to blog about the wargames terrain that is being worked on up the shed, but that was not dry yet. Or I was going to blog about what I am sure will be my next wargames project (a real step back in time to my early wargames years) but until I get either the terrain up the shed finished or the parcel arrive I feel that will be premature!

So I had two spare bases and two spare trucks so I thought I would expand my SCW forces yet again. (Sorry if this is getting boring by now). They are both Skytrex "Action 200" Range. (LINK ). While I have not found any detail of command vehicles in the SCW that has not stopped me painting one. After all if they were used in WW2 it can't be too much of a leap forward. And an open top 6 wheel truck with a left hand driver. ( By which a driver seated on the left and not one who only uses his left hand.) I think this was originally part of the American forces for WW2 but without rivet counters commenting who really cares.

So while I am forced to wait on other things to arrive or Dry I thought I would just bash out a couple more SCW trucks. Now the good news is I have no more bases for any more trucks (Yippee! I can hear you shout even from here). So It is very unlikely I will get any more done.

Thanks for looking today and with luck something interesting by Saturday. All the Best Clint.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

They don't like it.... yeah we all know!

Yeah we all know how that line goes and it is very common for wargamers to utter the immortal lines. They did have great script writer back then but that is really no excuse! These figures were hidden from me last time I painted my 10mm Sudan figures up, they have since re-emerged from the "put somewhere safe" place and now had some paint slapped on them.

So today I am pleased to have finished another 9 stands of 10mm Beja from Pendraken. Who are rapidly becoming one of my favourite figure manufacturers.

All painted and based to fit in with my existing colonial SUDAN figures. So they should give the forces of the Mahdi a little bit more of a punch.

That's just a very quick update for today and at least it's a few more painted figures and lets be honest the Mahdi can do with more troops which may mean I can paint more British troops (eventually).

Thanks for popping by and with luck I may get something in the mail.

Have a good few days and I'll post again soon.
All the best Clint