Thursday 20 July 2017

£25 THANK YOU Money well spent. (I think)

yes I won £25 on Bryan's ( LINK AKA Vampifan's) Blog. I am sure you are all regular readers so I will say no more about the blog.

So here is what I spent the money on. (I believe it had to be wargames or at least wargames related.... NO I could not just buy beer, jeez some people) I did scour the internet and try to find the best (for me ) BARGAINS. Top to bottom left to right!

  • A set of Deep ones. These are Black Cat bases (SHOP LINK) For a while I have thought about doing a bit of Lovecraftian wargaming/roleplaying. I  had not seen the figures in the "flesh" and just did not know if they were any good. I am delighted to say they are lovely. When I sent the order off I had no indication of if it had arrived or how long it might take or anything else. So one day about 12 (less than 2 weeks at least) later I received a small parcel via the ROYAL MAIL>  I will e getting more from this company now I have seen the quality.
  • 2 figures from Dave Stone at Warganes Terrain Workshop (WTW shop link) I was surprised that no one else had said that they wanted the free figures. Well Free figures has my name all over it! And seeing the two figures That I received I am so very pleased I said I did want them.  They are both Judge Dredd figures. One (the large) is a 2 part casting of a gorilla judge. I say 2 part casting as it has a choice of weapons. (Either a lawgiver or a stun baton) To my eye the baton is the best choice as I think I would be more scared of a gorilla with a baton than a gorilla with a gun.  And Tweek. I was never a huge fan of Tweek in the comics, he was all right but to me he was more an annoyance than a supporting character. Each to their own though and I am sure others will have the opposite view. Of the two figure I prefer this figure. Not being in a judges uniform it can be used in any sci fi game. personally (not that I am any judge) I prefer the sculpting as well. I have always had VERY daft ideas about putting on a "Clangers" show game and this figure would IF converted make a very nice "Clanger". I did say it was a daft idea.
  • I was also very lucky to get a pack of Type I Ho-Ni Tank destroyers for my slowly growing 15mm Japanese force. More about the Ho-Ni (Type I) when I get around to painting them. Ideally I would have preferred some Chi Ha medium tanks but 3 of those would easily have tipped the free moey way over the top
So £25 well spent in my opinion all of which have uses, although not all are exciting and new projects but once again a BIG thank you to Bryan.

Tuesday 18 July 2017

1 More Zombie

Not a huge amount of figures today, in fact just one. For those that play the Walking Dead All out war this should be a familiar figure. yes it is a  28mm Mantic Zombie. Without being racist it is clearly a black zombie so as a strong contrast I went for a white (OK Off white) Tee shirt. This had the duel effect of showing of the blood effects very well. Perhaps there could have been more blood but it is always easy to over do the look so I stayed back and tried to keep it somewhat resaved. When I was younger the red stuff would have been everywhere.

Clearly the zombie is missing his left arm and also his right ankle is very badly broken. Which means he drags his foot behind him. This is something I do like about the Mantic Zombies, the fact that they have missing and broken limbs. This clearly means that thy must have suffered some pretty violent demise.

I did worry about the skin colour as well in zombie form but I think it has turned out OK.
There is another zombie on the painting table so that one should be finished in the next few days as well. I must say I am a fan of the plastic that Mantic use as it paints very well. The sculpts are also top notch so overall they are a joy to paint. I do not want to invest too much time in this though as the basic set is pretty basic and as such does lack a lot of options. That said I am going to paint it all and even think about making a dedicated terrain board. IF I do I will show it on my blog.

Until next time do not get bitten and do not accept any invites to the deserted well at midnight.... yes that sounds like a "Scooby Do plot!" Just take care do what you are doing and with luck the weather will break and we can all sop being sweaty and perspiring with the least movement!

All the best Clint

Sunday 16 July 2017

Chinese Gordon

A figure painted yesterday afternoon. May I present Gordon Pasha (AKA Chinese Gordon, Gordon of Khartoum) or his less well known name Major General Charles George Gordon. ( LINK TO WIKI ).

Clearly a hero of the Victorian age, but most well known for his failed defence of Khartoum against the Mahdi.

I am sure we all remember the film but there is also a statue locally of him riding a camel. No You cannot see it as it inside an army barracks but trust me it is there.

Additionally you may recall seeing this famous painting which is probably the most famous painting by George W. Joy. And serves very well as a tribute to the Victorian Hero.

The figure is 28mm by Perry Miniatures (As Matt so kindly reminded me). And all the colours have been taken from the painting to the right. Clearly the artist was not present at the battle so perhaps the ending was not quite like this. Then again if you read Major General Gordon heroic exploits in the Crimean war perhaps it was.

Either way he is a hero without doubt and served well in the Sudan where he ended slavery.

Matt was due to collect him today but due to illness has had to postpone until later in the week or maybe this time next week.

Either way the figure was a joy to paint and I am sure he will be appreciated when Matt does collect him.