Thursday 9 May 2019

Sometime you need to try something NEW

What 2 blog posts in 2 days, has he gone MORE insane ? well the answer is quite possibly! Yesterday I received a parcel.  Not a huge surprise I had sent for one from this company .butlersprintedmodels  I was expecting it and to be frank it was not a company I knew about or had heard of. But I thought "Why Not?" so I sent for some samples. The company had kept me informed so I knew the parcel was dispatched and in the hands of Royal Mail. For those of you who do not know Butlers Printed Models make wargaming pieces on a 3d Printer. They mostly do 20th century vehicles and NOT figures. But I would suggest they are worth checking out. I know I am glad I did. Anyway here are my samples and 1 model cleaned up and primed.

Delivery was very prompt. I ordered late Thursday night and it arrived on Wednesday morning after a bank holiday. Everything is well wrapped and I am confident other deliveries to me will be equally swift.

All prices are correct at time of publication.


1 T72 A (Mk I believe). £4.40. 2 Parts. A Standard Soviet main battle tank still seen in 2nd rate units and in satellite nations. BUT for cold war 1980s perfect! This 15mm model was simple to assemble (der the turret goes on the hull) and required next to no work. Apart from paint this tank can be played with straight from delivery. This is deffinitley on further shopping lists as I shall need 1 or 2 more at least to start.

 1 SA13 "Gopher!" Again 15mm and again £4.40. Obviously it comes in 3 parts, and requires some assembly and cleaning up. I have not started it yet but I have high hopes. I needed (I thought) some air-defence and this made a pleasant change from the Zvezda Shilkas . Cost wise it is cheaper and I suspect more robust. Although on the last point time will be the judge.

1BRDM 2 Armoured car. 15mm and just 2 pieced. This required a little more cleaning up. That said the company DO have a video on Youtube and instructions on their website so do not be afraid, you can do it with a little time and effort. More of this model later.

 1 SDKFZ 7 with  quad 20mm (to scale) AA guns. This is ww2 german. It comes in a choice of variants, it come in at £4.13,. I went for the unarmoured deployed option. Of the medels I got this needs the most work but I am hopeful it shall be straight forward and easy. NONE of the vehicles comes with crew but that is an easy fix I suspect. (Looking into it today). Again 15mm and for the price well worth the sligh hassle of cleaning up.
 1 BA 3 Russian armoured car. THIS IS 1/200th or 10mm) I changed scale for 2 reasons. firstly this is for my Spanish Civil War wargames. This cost £2.20 again it comes in a variety so just read abut and then order the one you want. There is tidying up to do but nothing that should put a serious wargamer or modeller off. It most definitely does not put me off. It is about 1/2 the price of a similar Pendraken one so fill your boots!

With the exception of the BA3 armoured car all the models shown are 15mm (or 1/100) for wargaming purposes. BEFORE odering I would watch the Vidio the company has on youtube. ALSO be aware that as they are 3d printed perfect curves are NOT going to happen. But if you can get past that they are great wargames models.

As I only have wargames vehicles that is the only criteria I use to judge them. That side they are perfectly good for wargaming. And as that is what I want I shall order more.

Yeah but I don't play 15mm. Well good news they also make them in 20m and 28mm (but the price as expected does increase. So have a look and you may see what you are looking for. Afterall what have you got to loose.
BRMD2 Armoured Car.

Firstly it took about 10-15mins to clean up. So I would suggest make a cuppa before you start. The Plastic cuts easily ad with a scalpel (no 11 blade if that makes a difference to  you, it makes very little difference to me). I did find the model light so added an MDF base. Although it should not get eaily moved on the table really. To me though a base finishes it off nicely.

 There are only 2 parts so a very quick internet search (If you have NO common sense) will show you how it should look when finished. There really is very little to it. I am confident you will do a good job. It is worth highlighting that there is no accurate curves and they are instead made up of little steps. But the steps are so small that a layer or two if  paint will reduce them dramatically.  As wargaming pieces go you will already have dealt with bigger metal flash issues.
Overall I am impressed and will paint it tonight but expect no issues. I am already planning my next order and maybe get some larger scales to try out. But generally I would buy some items from this company (If you have a reason to) and make the judgement for yourself. I have and I like them

All the best Clint

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Pulp Alley started!

I have spent the last few days thinking (No jokes about "burning dust" please!).At the club we do have one player (Peter) who plays Pulp Alley at another club! So I know we are not totally adverse to the idea. (Some people will be no matter what  while others embrace the idea!) Anyway over the last few days I have been thinking we should play "Pulp Alley" at the club. But what kind of PULP I hear you scream in my head. Now there is the rub (misquote Shakespear). I want to do Dieselpunk. BUT I am away from doing this at present just because it will take some time.

So what about Western Pulp? Now I think it is a good idea. There is PLENTY of precedence for Western pulp. (Just do a very quick internet search if in doubt). And for this I am READY TO GO. I have about 75-100 painted figures and a model western town. So a standard western game is a possibility! A good and strong possibility.

BUT knowing that Peter (as mentioned above has a Vampire league (I know as I painted it for him) I was thinkin Wild West Horror!

So That is the plan now. Some of you I can tell are delighted.  This also allows other club members with amore historical bent to play  straight cowboys and Indians. (Should they choose, and some will). So I have now started to convert some of the wild west setting to more Horrific than normal.

Ghost town.

OK where to start.  I have started with  a derelict house. Yes this a pre-cut MDF building. (Sarrissa I think). I shall get some more and make them for my Ghost Town (in my head I am calling the town "Bitter-Creek!" but that is  subject to change. ) Anyway the Ghost town does not need many buildings. I think 5-6 is enough As "Pulp alley" is played o a 3' by 3' table and we are not looking for a metropolis!

 While I only have 1 building finished at this stage. I shall add more in the next few weeks.  I already have 2 more to add but at present they are still wrapped and pristine.

My "Pulp Alley rules!
Additionally I have 2 packs of Foundry cowboy Zombies (painted), so they are ready to go. Add the figures from "Draculas America!" and I have enough of a selection to get me going until a player wants something odd.... which is probably straight away!

Currently on the painting table
  • 3 Wild west Mexicans in 28mm.
  • 1 platoon of 6mm Middle-east Modern troops with transport. (BMP1s or BTR 70s not sure yet)
  • 1 unit of 15mm Buffalo Soldiers (9th or 10 Cavalry) Then this force is finished.
  • 1 squad of 15mm cold war Russians.  (Just starting these.
  • Anything I get side-tracked onto!
Ok just a building finished for today. I am still struggling to get back into painting!

All the best Clint.