Thursday 19 July 2018

2 steps back wards

Well that is what it feels like. It really does.

That aside. I have been working on my 6mm (1/300th scale) Cold war stuff. I know It does not amount to much, but here they are.

They are Heroics and Ros (LINK) miniatures of BTR 60's . While not a front line cutting edge APC in 1985 they were still used and I for one have always liked them. This is enough for a company of Infantry transport. Perfect for a Nava regiment or for very front line troops of a satellite country. So Perfect for me should I do an invasion of Turkey! (Which I have mentioned before).

You have 3 platoons each of 3 vehicles and a HQ Platoon of 2 vehicles. (One command vehicle and 1 security vehicle from memory).

Easy to paint and get finished which is why I am showing them today.

As I wait for the post to deliver at least 2 parcels I have started a terrain project. I hope to have more to show on Saturday. If the parcels arrive and if I get more done I will show then. But for now just realise that not everything is new, sometimes I take old projects and revamp them and this is a case in point! Do not guess what it will be as I assure you all shall be clear in days yet to come and I zoom out and don't crop the photograph.

Until such times keep plugging away and get what wargames stuff done as you can. And rest assured that I am as well, but not always in the foreground!

All the best Clint

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Real life get in the way!

Yes that nasty real life has gotten in the way for a while! Still that said it all happened AFTER I finished the Burpa Cavalry so you can see them as I start the massive tidy up as a shelf system collapsed and I have games and about 3 yards of books to find new homes for.

As you can see they are all foundry 28mm with a variety of weapons and posses! In the top 3 pictures the central character is some kind of leader or noble or some such. Just going by his armour an equipment.  He actually has quite a lot of gold paint on him and it took 4 coats in all to get him that colour. And that is  just one reason why I hate painting gold!

The other two characters are sword and spear armed and far more modest in their armour! However they were the last 3 to do so the whole batch is now finished! On Sunday Matt will no doubt (I hope so) give me some more to paint of something but as yet I know not what!

I shall I hope be in a far more positive mood, and with less to clear up on Thursday, With luck a parcel may have arrived. More of that if it does arrive.

The last two photos are of the whole batch together. 10 in all and they should make a complete unit or maybe they will all get split into several units I know not!

I was hoping to start the Jungle adventures today, as 2 players have already got back to me but the shelf collapse has delayed that.  But they shall start soon. Feel free to treat that as a warning!

So until next time. Take care, have fun and paint if you  get the chance!

 All the best Clint

Sunday 15 July 2018


Yes 2 Burpa cavalry with guns!

Not a HUGE amount that has not already been said this week about Burpas! these two are Wargames Foundry and 28mm is size. The fit with the others that have been done this week already and help to bolster matts growing HORDE!

Yes I shall do a group pic of all the figures I have in this batch as soon as I can. only 1 more to do and they will all be done. 2 more are already finished but they are drying! And I am sure you do not want me to rush them.

The only thing that marks these as being different is that the both have muskets.  Oh and I have used gold paint as well. (I hate acrylic gold it never comes out right).

That's it for today, a few things going on behind the scenes! One eBay purchase has arrived about 4 more to come! And when they all do I shall be able to get on with the boards!

Have a good weekend and paint or play if you can all the best Clint