Friday 22 March 2019

2nd squad

 Yes here are my 2nd squad of Snake-men. (AKA Atragar) The vehicle comes from Brigade Games but is currently not available (unless you talk VERY nicely to the guys at a show! Bringing Cake helps!!!) While the Snake men are from Critical Mass and are actually "Astragar" should you  go looking for them.

As mentioned this is my 2nd squad and 2nd Vehicle (I have 1 more to do) so expect them next month most likely. But do not hold your breathe!

I have yet to sort out stats for them and the vehicles as I have been busy. I do have a heavy weapon team as well (currently undercoated but no further) I am tring to decide if they belong at squad level or as a separate support section. I'll let you know when (if ever) I decide. IF I decide on squad level I shall need to buy 2 more.

Elsewhere I am working on a couple of things which I hope to show next week. Some historical and some (like part 2 of Aztec Fram) sci fi!

As you see slowly I am getting it all done. (OK very slowly)

Until next time take car, have fun and paint if you can. All the best Clint

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Skirmish battle

At the skirmish show we were asked to put on a Sudan game. Everything was left up to Tim. He supplied the figures and the terrain and using the "Men who would be Kings rules by Osprey. I happened to notice they were used by some other clubs as well.

The battle we fought was a combination of two historic battles. With British against the Egyptians. In History Britain won both battles so could the beefed up Egyptians do any better this time?

Graham and Peter had the Egyptians while Gar and myself had the British. (Well at least 1/2 my troops were Indians from the Indian Division!

All photos were taken from my seat so a very limited point of photo view!

The Indian Division close to (my best troops)
 headed down the rail track to try to catch the train.
My Other division was to tackle the redoubts.
Gary was to take the redoubts on the far side of the table.
As Graham moved most of his troops up from the town.
I used  the trees as cover and brought fire on the closest redoubt.
Meanwhile as I looked around the show Another club member took control of my forces.
The result was a wild unsupported charge by my cavalry.
I can't say I would have done very much different as the cavalry did wipe out a unit of Egyptian infantry.
It is the kind of rashness  that left them exposed and pinned down under  the Egyptian Infantry riles.
Needless to say they all died in 3 or so turns.
Unable to pull the cavalry back I advanced with all the infantry.
Despite losses I did take a major redoubt and did force the
Egyptians back into a no mans land.
Gary was likewise doing the same and although he lost some marines
I had lost cavalry so was not in any position to feel smug.
He game ended as a slight British Victory.
We had taken 4 of the 6 Redoubts so we were equal on victory points with the Egyptians.
We had failed to take the train and the Egyptians still held 2 redoubts but were not in a fit stare to carry on.
If time and effort and energy had continued, but the show was packing up,
I have no doubt te British would have had a decisive victory. But time was up and we achieved what we achieved in the time.

Conclusion: Hard to finish a game at a show unless it is a skirmish game. But I suspect "Her majesty" would have approved as no awful reports of a British massacre reached "the times!" To make this a very competitive game though the Egyptians should have been given more Omph or at least more reinforcements. But 20/20 hindsight is a marvellous thing.

Monday 18 March 2019

Spring Skirmish show

As mentioned yesterday I was at the Spring Skirmish show yesterday. Firstly I did have a good time but the show is mostly about "toy Soldiers" as opposed to wargaming. Yes there were about 15 Traders there but mostly NOT selling what I want and more "Toy Soldier" based than wargaming. But everyone is allowed to like their own thing. For me once you have seen 1 unpainted plastic soldier the appeal of looking at them does diminish.

There was a bring and Buy stall, but nothing for me. Either to buy and as for selling I decided not to. I gave 2 Osprey books away to friends as they were doubles for me bought as a job lot!

None the less here were the games:
Rainham wargames club ( our game)

Skirmish Wargames Club

As above

Milton Hundreds Wargames club
"What a Tanker" participation.

As above

Gravesend (I think)

Medway wargames
Game of thrones game

Old Guard Wargames Club

The Privateers of London Club
Who I think only do Naval engagements!

Maidstone wargames club.

Kitt Miniatures
Starship battle.

Replica Model Soldiers.
More a display of toy soldiers than a wargames club.

As te theme was Sudan
a display of real artefacts
from the wars/battle

Sunday 17 March 2019

Loot from Skirmish!

Spring Skirmish is over again. Check Big Lees blog for a show report. (LINK ) I shall do my show report tomorrow (I hope). Until then here is my loot (not much) from the show. I would have bought more but there was little I wanted at the show.

Only 2 stalls I spent money at.

Debris of war where I got 2 "Flying stands" This should push my 28mm Dieselpunk idea further.

Colonel Bills. 3 Lewis guns.... I hope to show them in place soon.
2 pots of paint. These shall be used and not detailed, Just a grey and a brown, boring but vital colours.
And just 1 pack of bases. All wargamers need bases and I happened to need large rectangular ones at the moment!

I have FINALLY finished reading these rules. (Last night) Yes I know they are old (very old) but I have a fresh unused copy and I  really do like them. So you  may see them again soon.

Thanks for looking and with luck something better soon. All the best Clint