Saturday 22 September 2012

Cast lists and 2 scenarios

Firstly let me say the photos are in no particular order but they should give you an idea of what the game will look like and maybe the forces involved. All these shots were taken at about 5 am this morning obviously when I look and feel my best and know how to use the camera to it's fullest extent. (Yeah right!).
For Skirmish tomorrow I will run two 7TV scenarios, both on the same board at the same time and to be honest I think they are pretty well balanced, so no ideas as to how it will come out. Scenario 1, is a variation of the Gather scenario where by both the space suited humans and the envoy aliens are collecting the debris from the crashed saucer. This is the largest casts of the two scenarios, which can be played either separately or combined. While writing the scenarios up it soon became clear that I would need more figures. For those of you who know the 7TV rules the first scenario is 115 ratings (Rating equating to army points), There are more humans than aliens but the aliens have better guns.

The Second Scenario is only 70 ratings each side, but has a very different set of victory conditions. Rather than being a standard scenario it is an escape scenario where the humans have to get their "Plunder" off of the table whilst being persueded by the Alien Menace. This should be quite a challenge. The vehicle is slow and can only move 8 inches a turn, and has to stay within 4 inches of a human who can then control it. The largest alien can at a push travel 16 inches a turn, so it will soon catch up. 5 Aliens here (one large and 4 small) will try to stop two human co-stars. The little aliens also have a special rule that allows them to travel un-noticed and reappear anywhere on the board. Yikes!!!!
I will know more once I have reffed the games tomorrow. I have balanced the forces so that I would be happy to play either side. but I suspect the humans will have a slight advantage in the first scenario and the alien menace to have a marginal advantage in the second.  I also suspect that good use of luck tokens and leadership skills will dramatically alter the game from one game to the next. Karl from Crooked Dice will be present at the venue so I am really hoping it goes well and that he is happy with the game.
That's all I have time for today. With luck a show report on Monday. All the Best Clint

Thursday 20 September 2012

Envoys and Conch-kin

These are some Crooked Dice Envoys and Conch kin that I have painted for the SPACE:2122 game that will be run at Skirmish 2012. The only other Envoys I have seen painted are the "official" ones on the Crooked dice webb site wich are a very different colour scheme.  Being set in spae I wanted a very different more alien look to them hence the purple. I am still not happy with their eyes, but that is something I can tackle after the show should I then choose. The Cnch-kin are the smaller of the creaters. We don't need to go into the details of if they are a seperate race or young or a different sub race, or well they could be anything. From the initial game point of veiw the exact relationship needs not be scrutinized. All in all I have 4 painted Envoys (the large ones) and 4 Conch-kin (the small ones). For a total of eight from Crooked Dice.
I have one more miniature to finish painting, with luck and a fair wind it should be finished by Saturday and I can show it then. In my head I am calling it the "Beast" as it is a much larger crusteasion type creature. Everything is slowly comming together for Skirmish and given that I have had or by the time of the show will have had 10 days to compeate it I feel the preasure but also feel good that it is getting there. I will no doubt relax on Monday. That's it for today. I shall post again on Saturday. All the best Clint

Monday 17 September 2012

Painting Table Cleared.

Well The decks are now cleared for action. I have finally managed to finish the command figures for the Victorian sailors from about 3 months ago. They have been sitting there looking at me and I finally managed to get them done.  Which means that I have the rest of the week to paint the figures I need for the 7TV quick play games (QPG). I have 9 figures to paint, only problem is I don't know what I want them to look like AHHHHHH! Anyway back to these two I am not in anyway an expert on the period so don't use this as a guide for painting Victorian naval officers in service dress. Still they look OK for me and that's the main thing, as long as I am happy. They seem to fit with the others I have painted, despite the difference in manufacturers but my interest has moved for the moment away from Victorian period. Heaven only knows what it will flit to next, maybe I should get some 15mm Apache done! But at least the painting table is clear now. Which is amazing it does not happen often.
That's it for today. All the best thanks for reading and more on Thursday. Hope to have the first alien figures finished for the moon scape by then. If not I had better be close. Al the best Clint.

Sunday 16 September 2012

WIP PBI Panthers.

As you can see not quite there yet, but here are 2 Panther tanks for the start of my late war German PBI force. I settled on the Panther tank as my tank of choice, simply because I have always liked them. No other reason. In PBI I doubt I shall ever need more that 2 they are just too effectctive/expensive. Veteran would cost you 67 points each out of your 400 point total. So two would be more than 1/4 of your total points when the game is focused on infantry. As such they cannot hold any objectives, although they can deny them to your opponent. Still work to do on them of course as I have been sidetracked into doing some stuff for Skirmish show next weekend. But at least It allows me to put some photos on the blog. And we all like piccies.
OK on to what I have actually managed to get done on this Skirmish show game. So far I have had a train journey to collect some more figures, which took all my spare time yesterday. I make no apologies for this, it needed to be done and Karl at Crooked dice has at least said he will pay for the small amount of figures I needed for the game. I shall take some of his stock from him in exchange. I get more figures, and he gets to keep his cash! Everyone wins. I have also designed a player hand out for the show with our club details on one side and a very very brief game introduction on the reverse. So while I have nothing to show at this stage it is all getting finished behind the scenes. And now I shall go and start painting the alien menace which will be one force in the two scenarios.
That's it today as I have a lot to do. Thanks for reading I shall post again on Tuesday hope to get something off of the painting table by then. All the best Clint.