Saturday 25 October 2014

Lucky for Some Turn 13 Results

Once you have played this game a few times you soon get to realise that not all the action continues all the time. This was one of those turns. Due to positioning and moves only 2 ships got to fire at all. One of those was El Interceptor who fires at HMS Badger. As that ship has already struck it's colours and is now out of the fight that was a naughty act Bad Phyllion bad Phyllion! The only other shot was Captain King of HMS Inconsistent who was able to get a shot off at San Francis (Hard luck Seb).

Anyway here are some of the Pictures as always if you need any more just holler and I'll send you some. The Photos start with the one up the step ladder and then move from back left anti clockwise.

OK Here we go.

 Overall view from the step ladder.
A couple of Spanish Frigates. Meccedes on the left and Unicornico on the right.
Unicornico very nearly got a shot off this turn  I expect it will next turn.
IF it gets to fire before it moves at full sail.

 Clearly in range and Arch now and possibly set up to Rake . If the turn sequence works in their favour. But if the move first they may be out of arc. Only time will tell.

 San Francis avoided HMS Badger. A ram was on the cards but as they have now Struck their colours HMS Badger is no longer a combatant. As HMS Inconsistent was able to fire before San Francis moved. The firing was sufficient to drop one of San Francis's masts. Good Shooting Captain King and unlucky Seb.

And it will be telling for these two ships as well next turn.
You cannot ram front to front. But they may be looking at a boarding action.
Or they may just pass an blow the bejezus out of each other.
Stay turned to find out.
SS Guano is the bigger ship but HMS Agamemnon is less damaged.
I'll make no predictions on the blog.
 HMS Challenge and SS Pina Colada well that's interesting. SS Pina Colada wants to steer to the right but HMS Challenge has given no such order. So they will continue to bump along next to each other.
HMS Pachyderm is moving to intercept The Mermaids revenge of Senior Loki.
At present they are out of range but that should not be the case for very much longer.
I think these two vessels may get bloodied net turn (or at least soon)
That's it for today. As always I will need your turn orders by 9am (GMT) next Saturday.
A dull turn this time but maybe not next. 
Thanks for tuning in all players will get damage reports this afternoon (my time). As that task will happen after lunch. Thanks for looking have a good weekend and take care of those around you. they need it. Take care all.
Cheers Clint.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Lrdg (20mm) Chevrolet

Last week I started work on a Long Range Desert Group (Here) yes feel free to check. Well I finished the vehicle over the weekend. There are no more work in progress shots. Trust me you do not want to see my messy painting and nor do I want to show you how rough it was at certain stages. (On this I am firm and my mind will not change.)

On this side there was a bright green fingerprint on the vehicle. Where I picked it up after painting something else. Whoops!

Those that care of such things will not that I have added one more machinegun. For a total of 3. A Lewis gun for the driver, a Vickers K for the passenger seat and a m2 0.5 Browning in the rear. One for each of the crew members so while they may have trouble reloading on their own the initial firepower should be very intense.

Very observant people will not that the Chevrolet Truck is now a right hand drive. As an American manufacture I had assumed it was a left hand drive like all (OK most) American vehicles. Given there were no instructions I thought this was a logical and straightforward thing to do. Well I was wrong. I was looking at these vehicles on Google Images and to my surprise ALL the photos had the driver on the Right. So I had to rip him out and the front passenger and their guns and reposition them. It was a pain but I am learned now so will not make that mistake a second time (Crossed fingers)

 As you can see I have kept all the stowage in muted colours mostly different browns, tans and greens. Then dry brushing a desert sand colour over everything. This dulled everything down quite a bit. And then a watered down black in and flesh wash was applied to bring out the contrast between highlight and shade.

So that's it for this day. I think the model will fit very well on my desert town terrain and do indeed look forward to seeing it played.  I have a strange feeling that my players will want to use it! The other vehicle I got at SELWG was an LRDG jeep. The bad news is that I have lost a wheel while assembling it (behind a cupboard and between some floor boards) So I will need to make an order to Andy at Grubby Tanks to replace the wheel and get one or two other things.

Anyway onwards and upwards. The Paint Monkey has started some 28mm troops so you may expect them early next week. Thanks for looking today my next post will be Saturday so anyone playing the Blog game get any relevant turns in by 9 AM Saturday Morning. The post will be in the afternoon for me as I will need to get some more ink/printer cartridges and that always takes most of the morning to do.

So take care, have fun and keep on trucking.
All the best Clint

Monday 20 October 2014

"The Dead don't take morale tests!"

As mentioned on Saturday I played a Russian Civil War wargame on Sunday at the club. And the title of the post today was something that for my part of the game was really fitting. £ players to a side, Colin Matt and Peter were the Reds. Tim graham and myself were the white army supported or I should say back by Britain financially.

Peter and Tim at the far end of the table, Matt and Graham in the middle and Colin and yours truly closest the cameras. The Rules were square bashing by peter pig and the White army was defending. As you look at the picture my forces are on the right and everything in the first 6 inches is waiting to come on the board so is not actually in the game yet (Most did not actually arrive at all for me, and never made it onto the board at all.) So all the White army troops are to the left of the road as far forward as the ruined building which was an objective.

The Reds Got a free move before the game started and the first move. Which put them right ontop of the ruin (objective). I had a regular unit and a Machinegun in the ruins and a tank behind. to my right was a militia conscript unit to my left a single machine gun.  I had reserves so I was confident I would hold out until they came forward. Yeah Right!
Tim Had troubles of his own as Peter attacked his command bunker. Graham did not! That's Grahams Cavalry charging the Red Infantry. Tim was able to beat Peters fist advance off and as I was in dire need with several elite (Professional) units against my ruin I was in deep do do! So Graham and Tim Kindly let me have the off table artillery fire this round (Very kind of them). I was lucky that it turned up mostly where I wanted it. Which stopped the Red advance for a turn.
But that only stopped them for a turn and Colin took the objective with relative ease. (The rotter). My troops were forced to withdraw batter into the town sector with the tank. Unfortunately they were too battered to counterattack straight away.
So Colin pressed the attack whipped out my Tank (Told you he was a rotter). And kicked me out of the village as well. See all my dead counters! My single Machine gun was rolling good dice though and managed to repulse the assaults on it for two turns. It was close but I was still holding on.
My entrenched Militia unit was assaulted and they run as fast  as Redrum well actually more like Shergar! (for those of us old enough to remember Shergar!) Tim has a solid position on the far right and Graham is causing trouble with his cavalry in the centre.
 And while Graham did loose one of the objectives he did win it back by the end of the game and had an uncomfortable habit of charging artillery in the flank. So I think he was having fun.
 So with 2 armoured cars and three infantry units attacking my decidedly average battered unit that had been pushed out of the ruin, then the village. My unit was pushed off of the board.
My plucky machine gunners were still holding on though. And time ran out before Colin (and Matt) were able attack them with the full force of his army which they were now able to do. I kept saying we'll call the game a draw and they kept declining! (I can't Blame them for that) and at the end of the game I had A SINGLE Machine gun stand in the game....Yeah come on then!

SO as Far as I am concerned it was a crushing defeat for me! And that's fair. I can't complain about it. I was out played and had bad luck .

As we packed the game up Graham worked out the victory points. Did he have to it really was rubbing salt into the wounds. Thanks Graham (What a git)!

Red army 42 Victory points.
White army 109 Victory points.

So I won! Did I really or is this just some cheesy ploy to make it sound better than it was?
Well as far as I am concerned I was beaten. But it turns out that because we had so few troops turn up and because Tim and Graham did well the white army won. Yippee!

To be honest I think I lost! No matter what the points say to the contrary!
Well Done Colin. You beat me fair and square no matter what the bean counters say!

Thanks for Popping by today. I have gotten something painted for Wednesday (Just got to base it now) so expect something Painted on Wednesday.

Cheers Guys don't let Monday bring you down and think of Crabzilla. The 50 foot crab ! 25 Miles from my house.
Ok It was a hoax but......... IMAGINE
Catch you all later.