Saturday 13 July 2013

Board update 1

 As you can just and only just make out the board is coming on quite nicely. The main cliff is nearly done and I am just adding the rock "Staircase!" I really should add one more step for a smooth transition. Each step is now big enough for a 25mm base (I Hope) so with the final piece done tomorrow morning early I can then move on to the rest of the board. There are still decisions to make as I do want the board to remain versatile and not just a one trick pony. As such I think some of the terrain will be in the form of free standing items which may be put on afterwards. I have decided on a ruin of some description to go on the right hand side.  I do think this might start as a TAR7AN board, but by having free standing terrain pieces I can turn it into a LARA CRO7Tv board or something similar. As those types of games can also be fun. However as mentioned above TAR7AN is my current thinking.

I should have at least half the figures done by Wednesday and hope to show them then.

I am also thinking of starting an Egyptian board of the same dimensions as I have enough materials and knowing that desert terrain is so much easier than Jungle. But I promise not to start that just yet, as I need to get a little more of this one done first. So don't panic and think I'm starting something fresh just yet, I may manage to hold off until Monday!

Back to this board, I need to start thinking about what I will do on the left hand side where the surface is chipboard at present. I have always seen this as the goodies start zone, So I may just tree it up and put a rubble strewn sloe in so cart access is given onto the main area. I also need to think about the closest edge treatment. Current thinking is to do a small "cliff" to cover the height change, but I am not really sure, and open to suggestions for both areas. Maybe also have some form of ruined gateway on the rubble strewn path as well but I'll have to see how the first ruin works before committing myself on that.

For the main area I am thinking of maybe some mud huts, I know Tim at FRONTLINE makes some and I'll see him tomorrow so I can ask then, and maybe put an order in. I still need to clear the Idea of TAR7AN with Karl at Crooked Dice, but I think he should say I can do what I want knowing how 'he does not have an unkind bone in his body!' (to Quote Helena, "Who writes all the CD 'Fluff'!")

So that's where I am at, and my current thinking. Nothing is written in stone and everything is still fluid and likely to change so don't get to attached to the TAR7AN idea, But I was painting up Jane this morning ..... I'll show you on Wednesday, because I'm at the club on Sunday and need to sort out my PBI US Infantry force for a game with Graham. I plan to post the AAR on Monday, so until then, thanks for reading feel free to comment and if you can enjoy the weather. All the best Clint.

Thursday 11 July 2013


 These are not new, but I have re-painted them. They are both from Newline Designs and are actually 28mm Sasquatch or Yetis and part of the "Mythic West" Range. I purchased these 2012 at the Broadside show and painted them with white fur. This week I have re-painted and re-based them to better fit where I think I am heading with the 7TV game. Having decided that I did not want a snowy waste board for the game it made sense to turn them into giant apes as it makes them much more versatile. I can still use them as sasquatch should I choose,

Most importantly this change of colour scheme still keeps my options open for the game board.  I am fairly sure the board will now be a jungle of some kind but the exact nature of the game is still open for debate/discussion. It could easily slip from a type of King Solomon's Mines type setting to a Tarzan type game, or even a Conan style game. It all depends on what I feel like when I wake up in the morning. Which is both dangerous and exciting at the same time.  Your guess is as good as mine. To be honest I would not even rule out "Predator!" after all it all a good use for a Jungle. And before anyone asks " Ainsty-castings make some clear resin "Alien Hunters"  I'll let you guess what they may look like.

That's it for today, as ever comments and suggestions are always welcome. I shall try to do a board update on Saturday, please don't expect too much from it at present as I am at the sealing the plaster phase so much of it will look the same. Although some of it will have changed and I hope the first hint of colour will be applied.

Anyway until Saturday take care, have fun and paint yourself some nice figures. I look forward to seeing you all soon. Cheers Guys.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

And so it begins

 A few short days ago I mentioned that I have been asked to put on a game at a local show and that I would try to rush a game for Crooked Dice into completion. Well here are the first Work in Progress  (WIP) shots of the first board. I have sketched out what I am hoping for, drawing heavily from my imagination, books, computer games, roleplaying games, fellow wargamers and even classical artists such as "Gustav Dore" for those of you who are interested in such things. But this is just a starting point only and nothing more. At this stage the boards could fit any wilderness locale Desert, Jungle, Ice-wastes, swamp etc.

Construction started with a 15mm thick chipboard base, actually an off cut from a skip about 6 doors down the road (with both the builders and owners permission as taking things from a skip without permission in the UK is actually a crime. Daft I think but hey ho what can you do?) I then "glued and screwed" a section of 6mm MDF onto one edge to give the board some height. Once dry added 22mm polystyrene bats (insulation) to create the levels I wanted. I am currently creating the cliffs hence the messy filler which is beginning to cover every thing. Not wanting it to crack from drying too fast in the sunny spell we are having I am only doing a little at a time, but it is now beginging to look like a more natural cliff than the naked polystyrene. So that's good. As you can see still a long way to go as not only am I looking to make the terrain, but also source and paint the figures.

Luckily when it comes to figures I will be "re-using" some of my older figures and even some of my less old figures are getting a re-paint and a new lease of life. I intend to give you a progress report on the boards on Saturday when I hope to have all the filler work done.

Simon (AKA Brummie) has asked what the game will be. The truth of that is I have yet to finally decide! I have some very strong ideas what it will be and will rule out 7ombie TV at this stage, but it could be either 7TV or 7th Voyage. So I will build the board and see where it takes me. So it might be 7TV Pulp setting think Tarzan or King Solomon's mines. It could even be a Blake's 7 inspired game using the 7TV rules. Or I might go more 7th Voyage and run a fantasy stop motion Harry Harrison (EDIT: My mistake I meant Harryhausen ) type game.

Has anyone read Dream Park for example? (By Larry Niven and Stephen Barnes...... Interesting because of the black fire monster!)

 As it stands I have options and that gives me a level of freedom which I am enjoying. So I will make the board and see where it takes me. I will not be running a "Clangers" 7TV game on my moon boards Mr Abbey no matter how much you whimper like a 6 year old! (My Knitting and crochet skills are not up to it, before anyone else chimes in supporting Mr Abbey!)

That's it for today more on Thursday. Until then, take care have fun and try not to upset anyone. best wishes Clint

Sunday 7 July 2013


Well Sunday morning and while not painting I have been active. To the right you will see my new (second hand) NSL fleet for Full thrust. Most of the fleet is un labelled so I'll have to do a little research and find out exactly what I have got. One thing is for sure It's much bigger than my FSE fleet. (Maybe I should look at buying some more bits and pieces for the FSE). As you can see the majority of it is stuck (superglued) together and there is a lack of flying bases. These are not things I will worry about too much this week, I am just happy to have gotten it. Also included are 2 boxes of 20mm T34 85's from  Armourfast these may become the start of my Arab Israeli Wars force. I am holding off on starting the Arab Israeli game until Kurt's Painting Challenge starts again ( ).

All the above was swapped with another blogger (Alan Abbey . I am sure we both think we got the better of the deal, or at least I hope he does, as I am very happy.

That's it for today. Thanks for tuning in and hope to see you again on Tuesday for the next blog post.

Until then take care and stay safe. Best wishes Clint