Friday 29 June 2018

Scout Platoon (6mm sci fi)

Well as te club have not been back in touch. Well let's be honest 2 members have! And for that they have my gratitude. I am at present unable to share any plans about a show game planned for next year. So instead here is a Scout vehicle Platoon that I finished last night. I do not know who makes them having purchased them at a bring and buy a few years ago. Do not bother telling me what they are or if I have the turrets the wrong way around. While I always appreciate such comments at this stage I an not very concerned. Opps just noticed I need to paint the tyres..... that will be finished before crack of lunch! (Edit: done it now before 8:30 am)

These will go with my CSDU forces. They are not Brigade games models as the rest are but they shall do well enough. Overall nice additions to the force.

Also (and this time by Brigade Models (LINK) an Anti Aircraft Vehicle.  To be honest this came in a pack and I was not totally aware it was even in there until I opened the pack.  This is not a complaint just informing you that I purchased an assortment of Transports (some will be painted as Civilian) a while ago and have just repainted this one. I have one morethast will be painted to fiit in with my other force. (just to provide some balance).

As you can see I have not done a massive amount of painting and am just about to visis a DIY store to get some vital model making supplies. More of that another time.

So enjoy the day and I will try to get more painted as soon as I am able. but for now real life calls.

Wednesday 27 June 2018

A Bunch of 15mm Sci Fi.

Yep I am back on the 15mm Science Fiction. First up 2 "Snapdragon" studios storage lockers.  Very quick basic paint jobs, Primer base colour, gun metal door then a black wash and finally rust applied.  Quick simple and all done in an evening. No hassles at all. I would like some more "snap dragon studios" stuff and despite the fact these were originally 28mm they shall work very well as 15mm terrain. Overall very happy wit them and the fact I got them cheap 2nd hand at the Flea Market at Broadside so much the better.

Now I was one of the backers for "Ghosts of Hefei" Kick starter and I have heard nothing of it since I received my pledge parcel. Now I only got the rules and some 15mm figures so not a massive outlay. I only mention it as I have now painted the figures and am showing them all (that I got) today. The rules are OK and I do not object to having bought them but U am not sure I will ever play them.

 Firstly 6 security robots. The idea of the game is that you steal these. For me and using the Gruntz rules they make a para-military security robot force. Yes they ave mostly got different weapons and different sizes, but that is OK with me as they all look vaguely police and vaguely  official and not as powerful as ful blown military should be. So more figures to be happy with.

Lastly here is a 15mm "Gang" for the game, although I shall use them all as generis civilians in those few games where civilians are needed.
As mentioned they are all 15mm so the storage u its are included for scale.

That's it for today more 6mm stuff next or Maybe if the club get back to me today my plans for a show game next year.

Until then take care have fun and keep smiling (and in my case get some sleep).

Monday 25 June 2018

A quick (ok slow) re-paint

I did not see the point of starting something fresh just when I had decided to use the "Moon Boards" for 6mm as well as 28mm as well as 15mm wargaming! Therefore I am re-painting the 6mm Sci fi figures.  These are Brigade Models (LINK) Chinese Democratic Soviet Union (CDSU) Mechanised company in 6mm (1/300th scale). The first 2 pics just show the Xie Fang MICV's . 8 normal and 1 Command vehicle. Which should make a full company. Colour wise I stuck closely to the colours on the boards but this time using acrylics' and not emulations that the boards are covered in. This has led to some slight colour variation but I am OKAY with that.

The vehicles are all single piece castings and attached to a 20mmx30mm MDF base (2 mm thick). They have had now 2 paint schemes so I hope this is the last for fear of re-painting and loosing some detail on the castings. But for the moment happy with them.

 The infantry at 1 stand a vehicle or perhaps 2 half stands in the command vehicle are on Plasticard base sas pitting them on MDF would mean they would become almost as tall in the base as to their shoulder. Yes the 6mm infantry were a right pain. They needed 2 coats of tan to get rid of the snowy blue colour as well as 2 coats on the bases to get rid of the snow effect. But that is now in the past and they can now be put away and I can continue with the 15mm sci fi!

The infantry did start to loose some casting definition but with the size and the now 4 coats of paint that was to be expected and to be honest is not an issue with me. If you want to moan about the soft casting now feel free as to be honest they look pretty good to me.

You may note that the visors on the infantry and the clear glass on the vehicles has be painted as pink/purple. This was done to give a more out of this world feel, after all who says the skys on Planet Elysium (or any other name that suits you) would have blue skies. not me that is for sure!

I shall of course be doing some more (many more) over the coming months but for now at least a break. Expect 15mm sci fi next time and maybe even the time after.

Until then, take care have fun and get some hobby work done if you can

All the Best Clint