Sunday 25 December 2016

Xmas Swag! (And now back to normal)

It has been a funny day today. I did receive a couple of Wargames Xmas gifts, not many but I am happy with them all. The Reason for the funny day is my sister brother-in-law and nephew are all flying to Dallas Texas tomorrow morning.  Just for a couple of weeks and not for good or anything like that. Which meant I put on a buffet lunch for them and not a Roast dinner. So yes technically I had Pizza for Christmas dinner! (Among many other things and will be eating left over buffet food for a few more days. )

But as wargamers you all want to know what loot I received.  In No particular order.
  • Hyena Road DVD. If you have not already seen it and are interested in modern warfare it is worth a look.
  • Fury DVD A film I have not seen yet so got to be worth a look. (Despite the big main star it still could be good! I do not have a downer on the star but on Hollywood always casting big names!)
  • A brigade Games 6mm Sci Fi Chinese Infantry Company (this was unexpected but is a complete joy!)
  • 6  packs of peter Pig Dark age Vikings. these were from my Secret Santa Thank you very Much Santa 5 of the 6 packs would have been my choice as well. The other pack, not my fist choice but probably a better choice than I would have made. So once again Thank you Santa I am very impressed with your good taste.
  • last but not least THANK you Paul. ( I do not know for sure who you are, but I do have a clue!)  12 Painted 15mm sci fi figures. 8 Men and 4 Robots. I will redo the bases just to match in with the rest of my forces. but that is the only changes I will make. I recognise every film the robots are "inspired" by yes even Hughie and Louie (or is that Hughy and Louy!) And I will get these in a game in the new year, That I promise!
Well that is the haul, small but potent. I did get other things as well, like gloves and socks... but as wargamers you do not care about them.

For my Nephew I got a box of Japanese sweets! About the size of a shoe box filled with sweets and snacks he had never tried before.... And he likes trying new foods.  I did order a "Walking Dead" novel as well so he could read it in the plane, but it is lost in the post. But It may still turn up.

While for my sister I got a 50" Girth. yes she is my BIG sister but that is for her horse and not for her! You cheeky sod! I also got her a book to read on the plane all about how a horse trains its human. yes my sister is horse mad and will be riding when in Texas!

Anyway I hope you all have received things you like  and are as happy as me. Not a massive haul but a joyous one. And once again thanks to Santa Clause and Secret Santa.

I will post again soon. All the best Clint

Monday 19 December 2016

Painting table cleared!

As many of you will know tomorrow Is the start of the AHPC (Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge). This is my 3rd year. So I thought I should spend a few hours just finishing things that were on my painting table ready for the Challenge.

So before I even think about starting the challenge. Here are the last few figures. They are all Secrets of the Third Reich figures by West Wind Productions. Mostly they were started last week.

As you can see 2 Riflemen one with an AR44 the next with a carbine. Then and officer pointing, but he does carry a pistol. And on the right a MG team.  The Mg Team is supposed to have 3 men on the base, but I found that a little crowded so I have only 2. While they both have holstered pistols their main job is to crew the MG. I will admit to owning 2 more MG's so it is possible I will put 3 crew on the base in the future. But as I am happy with the 2 crew  I suspect I will keep it at 2.  But No promises as the future is a dim  and distant foggy land and anything could happen.

As you can clearly see I am continuing with the Oak leaf spring pattern as it is both fun to paint AND I like the look. And that is reason enough.

The only bad news is that I have just about run out of the LIGHT green and cannot see me getting a restock this year! So further SotTR will mainly be in Autumn and not spring.

As the AHPC will now start in less than a day (3 hours I think BUT I will check) I am pleased the painting table is now clear. I have figures prepped and ready and I see some painting starting today.

What I will start with will actually be a mixture. I NEED to do some 10mm Zulus so they will be started, I also have some WW1 Cavalry in 28mm but in addition I have a hankering for some western figures so that might also need to happen soon.

But Until it does, take care have fun and paint like crazy!

Sunday 18 December 2016


For those few of my members who do not know..... Chris over at Also know as "Wargaming Odds and ends!" runs a SANTA CLAUS event where people each paint a figure and send it to another blogger. It is a great idea. But last year it just did not work out for me. I painted a figure and sent it of hoping to get one in return. That after all is the plan of the whole event. I saw the figure I sent off arrive and get posted on my recipients blog. And that was great I had done my part. The one coming for me had not arrived before Christmas. So I thought it would arrive by New Year. It did not. I contacted Chris and let him know. Chris was brilliant and in no way do I affix any blame on him. None what so ever. he is a decent bloke. But needless to say I was disappointed.

 I contacted Chris again on 1st May as still no Santa Claus painted figure had arrived. By this stage I had gotten over the disappointment (well only just).

In October Chris put the call out again for Santa Claus painted figures on his blog (A good blog and worth a look if you don't know it). So In the comments section I explained that mine had not arrived but despite this I was willing to paint a figure for another blogger if theirs did not arrive as it was either lost or not sent.

I thought no more about it... Until Friday!  I contacted Chris once more and was informed
Chris's email reply below.

 "I had actually several people ask me about it who wanted to do something.  I am glad that you are happy about it.  The hobby has many very good people in it.  Every now and then there are exceptions.

Merry Christmas.

So I just want to thank the very kind person who has done this for me. I am very thankful and very pleased to be part of such a great and generous hobby. To you sir (or Madam) I raise a glass and drink your health. It will be opened with much delight on the 25th
Mean while back at the ranch! I have done just a little bit of prep. Not giving anything away, but these will not be the first things I paint. That will most likely be some Zulus. Or some WW1 Cavalry, not sure yet. The Ferdinand (not elephant) is 15mm Zvesda and is my Back up post for the "East Bonus round". It may go in the East Bonus round as Ferdinands never fought in Western Europe, while Elephants did. (and yes there is a difference!)
While Prep does continue I am planning another SOtTR post on Tuesday as I clear my painting table ready for the challenge. So with luck that will be something to look forward to! Or not if you have no interest in SotTR!

Friday 16 December 2016

Spanish Civil War AAR (Battle of Alecco Gaol)

The Town
Which is still unpainted.
Opps Sorry about that!
Defended by Tim's Nationalist  Anarchists.
I had set the game up for 6 players and me as ref. But we had only 4 players ad me as a ref. Also I wanted to try the Rapid Fire rules out for SCW. Previously I have only witnessed Rapid Fire games with Many more tanks than infantry. And many of those games did tend to be late war with the big cats and Animal hunters, and not a less mechanised war. As such I was not sure how they would play,

Matt with a Republican assault column
All mounted in trucks is able
to move a long way on roads
As such he by passes the jail and heads for the village.
The scenario is that the red forces had pushed through in Northern Spain during the early part of the war. The republican army (reds) were tasked with a) Seizing the prison and b) taking the town. They had 15 turns to do so, but all in all the game lasted 13 turns. The Nationalists had to defend the prison to stop the prisoners joining up to the Republican side. In Addition each person was given a random personal mission. These personal missions are on small pieces of paper and drawn randomly 1 for each player and if the player has any sense kept secret from all INCLUDING your own side. These represent the true feelings and motivations of the commanders and may be contradictory to your stated team objectives or even other team members.

At the end I will reveal each players personal mission and it will make certain actions more clear and why some players faired better and some worse in the Victory point calculations.

Matts Tanks
Any field with a template and a hedge in the field was a vineyard)
Peter's artillery is also in evidence.
It is worth saying that Tim Playing Anachists working with the Nationalists for a change. Graham was the Police (Guardia Civil) guarding the jail and supported by 2 65mm howitzers.

Matt drops of platoons of infantry before reaching the town
 for an infantry assault.
Matt playing as Republicans had a company of infantry in trucks (one of which was armoured and would sink into the ground if it left the road) Only sink up to axle depth but would then remain stationary until the game was over. Matt also had 4 tanks (2x BT5's and 2 CV 33s) They had been supplied by the Mexican government however The pin linkage joining the tracks was not attached properly when they arrived in country and they would need to roll each time they moved or throw a track and stop until repaired. A 6 would represent a breakdown and a reoair truck would need to spend a turn stopped in contact to repair the tracks. Yes Matt did also control the truck (soft skin) that could repair the tracks temporarily (until another 6 was rolled) If anyone thinks this unlikely I will let them know of 2 instances by the British army in WW where something similar happened!)

Tim leaves the town with his anarchists
 to meet the Republicans in the fields.
Peter had a company of infantry and 2 Frernch 76mm field guns of WW1 Vintage. When I talk about a company I do mean a company (about 120 men) and not a rapid fire company of 8 figures! Like wise with tanks one tank is 1 tank and 1 gun is 1 gun. peter also had a DEPLETED platoon of Cavalry with a single Machinegun (Loaded on Pack mules.). This was not and never going to be Western Europe  late war with loads of equipment. Many more men than tanks/guns. But realistically still too many.

Peters infantry on foot enter on the road.
Like I said a Company of Infantry

Several break downs later Matt can finally get his tanks to the gaol walls
 and start pushing down walls ready to enter
While holding the hedgerow of the town
as Tim tries to charge with no cover across the distance
being in cover is a GOOD thing in Rapid fire.
Tim now realises that.

While Tim's Anachists get shot to pieces in the open fields.
Matt moves his last platoon into the town
In an armoured truck.
Graham moves 1 of his police platoons OUT of the gaol
 and falls back to protect his 2 small howitzers.
Peter uses his Guns to help but with at this time little success.

While 2 of peters platoons head towards the gaol,
His other platoon moves to support the town attack.
Having debussed Matt uses the Armoured truck to
machinegun Grahams Artillery.
Graham uses and airstrike to severly deplete Peters infantry
attacking the jail.
And to Bomb one of Matts tanks
(If I remember correctly)
the first bombing run had little effect on the tanks though!

Peters Troops repare to assault the jail
while his guns carry out counter battery fire
on Grahams cannon
With nothing to counter the air attacks they continue
And Peter looses a morale check and a platoon scurry from the table.

Tim takes control of an assult column of Guardis Assulto
(paramilitary police) with an armoured car and
 a support platoon which even has a mortar.
(at the beginning of the SCW there were only 6 in the whole country
but more quickly arrived)

All Matts troops in the town take to the buildings
for the best defence they could find.
Matt also looses the repair truck destroyed by the last 2 stands in the jail.
So if any tanks break from now on they are static pill boxes.
The fight in the town is fierce.
Grahams troops that originally fell back, Tims Guardia Assulto and the support platoon
and some mortar and by now limited artillery support
against Matts single Platoon.

Tims Armoured car is destroyed by Republican artillery
Peters second platoon routs due to casualties
Cavalry is barely holding on BUT has at last entered the jail.
Matts Tanks are slowly breaking down,
But not where he wants them
Tim's Anachists are pretty much all dead or wounded.
Grahams police are pushed back to the very limit of the gaol or fighting against the last of Matts tanks.

Matts troops in the town are holding out but cannot do anything
except return fire and are cut off.

Finally Matts troops in the town are surrounded cut off and
vastly out numbered.

Conclusion: Firstly the rules did work very well. MUCH better than having seriously heavy late war tanks all over the place. So I would have no problem using them for SCW again.

As for the Victory conditions. Both sides fought themselves to a standstill and it would all depend on which side could be supported first.

  •  +20 for taking the Gaol.
  • +10 for Holding the town

Matt -1 for each gun lost (so -1)

Peter -5 for taking MORE casualties than Matt

Graham + 5 for having 1 Platoon on his side that had taken NO casualties.

Tim zero (for not extiting a truck of the opposite board edge)

So Final results were

  1. Matt +19
  2. Peter and Graham Both on +15
  3. Tim +10
With personal goals it really does make a difference. Graham would have kept 2 platoons of Police in the Gaol and his 2 guns. he only got the +5 due to Tim and his support Platoon taking NO casualties.
Tim Had no chance to get a truck from the board at all. If the guns had not fired at each other as much Matt would have scored higher, But they got in a tit for tat situation. If Peter had hung back and let Matt take the beating instead of him he would have lost less troops.

But If any player had known their allies personal objectives they would have been playing the rules and not playing the game.

Over all I thought the game a success and would be happy to put another game on in the future.

Monday 12 December 2016

Gifts in the last 7 days. (Arn't Wargamers Generous!!)

NO they are not for you! I will post the AAR  of Yesterdays game on Wednesday.

Currently I am feeling very humbled. I hasve been given a number of gifts in the last 7 days. No My Birthday has already passed this year, and NO hey are not Christmas gifts either. Working from left to right:

 A book I was keen on but (so Far) have not read was passed to me by a neighbour, No not a wargamer.

A book Peter from the club bought at a bring and buy stall and at the time I said to him that if had not bought it I would have. Yesterday at the club he passed it to me and reminded me of my words and he gave it to me.

Peter also purchased a box of bits and bobs at the show and the truck was at the bottom and he has no use for  it so he also gave that to me. Which is Brilliant as I plan to start some WW2 20mm Western Desert in the new year.

Matt (him I tend to paint for) has obviously seen my blog last week and he passed me some Secret of the Third Reich figures. 3 German Were wolves which suit me down to the ground and as long as I paint the clothes in a dark grey at least 2 of them can be were wolves for half a dozen projects. No Idea what I might do with the US troops he gave me as well. But I am thinking I may paint them and give them back to him.

Finally I have been given 3 Osprey rule books. I am not going to say too much more about these other than I am very thankful and very VERY pleased.

Thanks for popping by to the blog today. I hope you are well and happy and that I can post the AAr on Wednesday.

I apologise for he brevity of this post and look forward to Wednesdays post.

And what a Brilliant hobby we are in!

All the best Clint

Saturday 10 December 2016

Wolf Runners

I can only (at this  stage) find 1 pack of wolf runners.  But I think I have 2 more hidden away so there may well be more to come in a week or maybe 2. But I am very likely with Christmas approaching to get side tracked onto another project). But here with very poor lighting are 2 Wolf Runners for SotTR.Both are SMG armed along with knives grenades and yes even fangs. I have used both "Oak Leaf" spring and autumn camouflage simply because my force is about equally split between the two patterns. Although the "orange" has not really come out very well this time, but I cannot see me repainting it.

Each figure comes in 3 parts, head, body and right arm, so a fair amount of variation is possible but not all that likely. But they are at the very least 2 more figures I will not need to paint again all that quickly. Which is not to say I do not like them but that I eel they could be better.

That is it for today. I can see one base that needs to be re-painted (don't all look for it!) and then a quick varnish and then I have some rules to read.

So until next time, take care, have fun and  Paint if you are in the mood.

All the best from Kent!

Thursday 8 December 2016

Oh Krupp!

Today I have finished 2 Krupp field guns and 8 crew. 4 Crew for each gun. I did have to email another blogger to make sure the colour of the gun carriage and gun barrels were correct. It was a bit of a surprise when he said they were. Well I always think the worst and expect to be wrong so I was delighted to be on this occasion correct!

Clearly these are Egyptian Army Krupp's and Egyptian crew. The white uniforms and red fezzes indicate that. I am not sure if Matt has any Mahdi Crew for the guns time I am sure will tell. And if so I look forward to painting them.

The Guns were easy to put together, 4 pieces. 2 wheels, 1 Barrel and one gun carriage. So assembly was reasonably swift and straightforward. Painting was also straightforward, the guns were a simple grey and the crew were painted first cream and then hi-lighted sufficient times to reach a white top coat. So as figure painting goes very straightforward with no complications.

As I said I would do a group shot of them all the last 2 pics are just that, these 2 guns and crews and the previously painted mounted officers.

So with luck I will be able to get some of my own done ready for a Saturday post.... Probably a pair of Wolf Runners for Secrets of he Third Reich! But I may well get sidetracked.

So take care, have fun and paint like crazy when you get a spare moment.

All the Best Clint

Tuesday 6 December 2016

3 Egyptian Officers.

Yes more 28mm Perry miniatures, this time Egyptian Officers on horse back. Clearly of the 1883-1890 period while One does have a drawn sword they are mostly issuing orders and observing troops as opposed to getting stuck in. As with General Hicks (shown 2 posts back) the horses are quite the nicest I have ever seen in this scale for wargaming. The Perry's have clearly been looking at horses to get them this well proportioned.  I have set the first officer leaning slightly to make it appear he is talking to someone on foot or possible a carriage. The other two are sat more squarely on their steeds and look more upright.

I currently have two pieces of artillery and 8 crew that are being painted, And when they are done I will photograph them with William Hicks AND these officers. And that will either be Thursday or Saturday depending on how I get on and also on the painting table is a Wolf Runner for SotTR, which is one of my failed projects that I am returning to.

But back to these. As mentioned they are 28mm in size and part of Matts collection that I have painted for him. So if you see anything wrong in the colours let me know and I can correct it for him before I hand them back on Sunday.

That's it for today. Take care and with luck some more again on Thursday.

All the Best Clint

Sunday 4 December 2016

Snipers finished. (after a few years in the painting queue!

yes a bonus post. This one was 2 West Wind Production Secrets of the third Reich German snipers. (Inspired by Simon at fantorical. Who painted a few a day or so ago and re-kindled my interest in a stalled project).

The figures are 28mm in size and help to increase my German force. The Camouflage was great fun to paint and is supposed to be OAK LEAF SPRING, and before anyone gets far too picky for their own good yes I know the dots should be smaller and more numerous. But they were about as good as I can do and probably better than most would have done!

I could not stop the flash on the camera so I apologise for the shadows, but other than that I think they have turned out quite nice If I do say so myself. Painting these has gotten me in the mood for painting a few more so you never know there may be more to come this week and maybe next. They were part painted when I saw Simons post so I was able to finish them in 1/2 a day, I am usually NOT that fast.

I KNOW I still have a few more blisters unopened. 1 should be a heavy machinegun and crew, I did order this online and the company kept sending me the wrong things as they had been mislabelled at the "Factory" so I kept complaining and even sending them back. In the end though they allowed me to keep the wrong figures AND did send me the right ones as well all because they were labelled wrong.

Anyway have a good weekend and get the paint brushes wet and the figures painted.

All the Best Clint on a very sunny Sunday Morning!

Saturday 3 December 2016

William Hicks. (Painted)

After the close of the 1882 Anglo-Egyptian War, he entered the Khedive'service and was made a fellahin of Arabi's disbanded troops, sent in chains from Egypt. After a month's vigorous drilling Hicks led 5000 of his men against an equal force of dervishes in Sennar, whom he defeated, and cleared the country between the towns of Sennar and Khartoum of rebels.
pasha. In 1881,Sudan was controlled by Egypt; Muhammad Ahmad proclaimed himself Mahdi and began conquering neighboring territory and thus threatening the precarious Egyptian control of the territory. Early in 1883 he went to Khartoum as chief of the staff of the army there, then commanded by Suliman Niazi Pasha. Camp was formed at Omdurman and a new force of some 8000 fighting men
collected—mostly recruited from the
1883 The Egyptian ministry, however, did not then believe in the power of the mahdi, and the expedition started from Khartoum on 9 September. It was made up of 7000 infantry, 1000 cavalry and 2000 camp followers and included thirteen Europeans. On the 10th the force left the Nile at Duem and struck inland across the almost waterless wastes of Kordofan for Obeid. On 5 November the army, misled by possibly treacherous guides and thirst-stricken, was ambushed in dense forest at Kashgil, 30 miles south of Obeid. With the exception of some 300 men the whole force was killed. (See the
Battle of El Obeid).
According to the story of Hicks's cook, one of the survivors, the general was the last officer to fall, pierced by the spear of the khalifa Mahommed Sherif. After emptying his revolver the pasha kept his assailants at bay for some time with his sword, a body of Baggara who fled before him being known afterwards as "Baggar Hicks" (the cows driven by Hicks), a play on the words baggara and baggar, the former being the herdsmen and the latter the cows. Hicks's head was cut off and taken to the mahdi.

Well that is the history. This is a Perry Miniatures 28mm figure and has one of the best sculpted horses I have ever painted. The whole figure is very nice but I was particularly fond of the horse. Yes it is painted for Matt and is now part of his Colonial collection. I hope to put a few of my own figures on the blog tomorrow. (Shhhhs! Don't tell anyone). So until then have fun paint things and if possible play a game or maybe 2.

All the best Clint

Thursday 1 December 2016

Shinnies (Reasons to be Cheerful)

Just a VERY quick blog post. I have received some more shinnies this lunch time. They are for a project I am working quietly on which I hope it will come to fruition during the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

A very meagre order I realise, but one that has made me very happy.  Firstly the main reason for sending for the figures is that I wanted some stuff for the painting Challenge. Yes I do have enough already so I am not looking to take your unpainted on as well. Well I will if the price is right!!!

So what is in the pack and why did I get it? On the left are the 3 Musketeers while on the right are some animals!! One of the bonus rounds is a film/TV/Song/book tie in. And to be honest the Musketeers MAY get used for that IF my other plan falls through. That is not my main plan however. As a club we have played the "EnGarde!" rules a couple of times and I want these for that. No not to represent the actual musketeers, although again they might if my main plan falls apart!

But they will also make some rather splendid "Border Reivers!" And that is the plan. Border Reivers. I have even purchased a book on the subject and am VERY slowly reading it but reading and me are not always best friends. I am dyslexic, for a start but that is only part of the issue.

Anyway the figures are by Warbases ( LINK ) and cost £8.00 for all 4. (plus postage of course).
They are nicely sculpted and cast with very little cleaning up required. At the BOTTOM of the post is a pic of the cast from the TV series and although he faces are a little rounder than I would have hoped. I really do mean a little and nothing a decent paint job will not correct. And I can kinda "guess" the colours now!

The Animals (someone will always ask) are for the Border reivers and are sheep, goats and chickens. All the kinds of livestock one might hope a Border reiver might be able to carry off. Yes I do Have Highland Cattle as well but those were not in the parcel but purchased from Col Bill at a show.  And the Cattle will I hope be painted during the AHPC  as well.

Anyway that is it for today and I shall try to post again soon. Until then take care and have some fun as you deserve it!

Tuesday 29 November 2016


My Forces. 3 units of infantry and one of artillery.
Graham had 3 units of infantry and one of cavalry
Bob also had 3 units of infantry and one of cavalry (with lances)
What an ominous post title.  At the club we played The Men Who Would Be Kings rules in a Sudan setting. The British against the Mahdists. Bob Graham and myself playing the British and Tim, Peter and Matt playing the Locals.

Tim's Troops started in the village and were the only
 Mhardist troops on the table at the start of the game.
Our mission was to destroy the village buildings, we had a set number of turns in which to accomplish the destruction. I had the only artillery, but both Bob And Graham both had cavalry. The artillery could destroy the buildings in the village from a distance, but even so it would take me 6 turns to get the village even at extreme range. Or 8 turns of movement if I was to get the every building in range of the gun. Officers all had random traits and leadership values as befitted their race.

Bloody FLASH!
Peters troops arrive at the very first turn.
Mats arrive on the second.
All the british try to advance as swiftly as they are able
but the cannon only moves 4 inches a turn so
I lag behind somewhat.
The cavalry push me from the hill
but not with sufficient force to break me
Worse for peter in hi follow up assault
my infantry actually win and push him back.
Having played the rules before a few amendments were made but even so we knew that if the British were not almost forced to move the game became very one sided as the British would just form square (we had seen this in previous colonial games) and calmly just kill anything that came within range.

Peter (opposite me) moves his troops up using as much blocking terrain as possible.
Matt also moves up but has far less blocking terrain.
Able to hide his cavalry in a valley out of shot
Peter unleashes a charge up hill against my
central foot unit.
As soon as I could fire all 3 units opened up on the cavalry.
Not killing them outright but really hurting them and bringing them to about 1/4
of starting strength,
However this cavalry screen was enough to let Peter move his Fuzzy Wuzzies
up and into contact.
There is only so much a unit can do.
Without breking they are pushed back down the hill for a second time.


Peter was the last Mhadist leader to survive
but with three British rifle units able to fire on them
it was only a matter of time before
all his troops were also killed

While the whole game was enjoyable the British firepower was utterly devastating and it did not lead to a terrible well balanced game.
But with 4 sets of rules among 6 players any issues were VERY quickly resolved.
Overall a very enjoyable day.

Meanwhile Bob has lost his cavalry and nearly lost one infantry unit
and Graham has killed all of Tim's artillery crew (His target of priority)
Broken through the centre and his cavalry were (and later his infantry were also)
pulling the buildings down