Saturday 29 April 2017

The last of my....

"I am not going to Salute!" spending.  Firstly a small order from Pendraken Miniatures  (LINK ) Just some more Spanish Civil war stuff. And so far the only thing I have finished painting is shown to the right. It is quite the ugliest vehicle I have ever painted. Which is not to say it was not well cast but is to say the design of this type of Republican armoured truck is like a sink on wheels. In fact I have called it in my head either the sink or Bathtub of doom! As vehicle designs go it is not all that inspiring.

Just to show you how bad it is here is one more shot.  In the game (Bayonet and Ideology) it comes in pairs and can only more 1 space per turn while off road...On road it can motor! Needless to say these were not built in factories in the Spanish civil war but garages. I have not put it in any particular colour scheme or with slogans as I want it to be used by militias of each side.

Other than the sink of doom I mostly purchased light machine guns as I had none and in the rules I plan to use there can be 1 per platoon . Which is far less than you would usually get in a WW2 game. But that is the Spanish civil war for you.

The other Purchase is The Walking Dead (all out war).. Yes I like zombie games and saw a few play throughs on uTube  before spending any money. I plan to build a battle board and terrain, but that will be on another blog. (28 Dice Later) I may even intend to platy a few games, but that is for the future and not yet. There is nothing As yet on that blog.

That is it for today I am just waiting for paint to dry on some Russian Civil war Cossacks as I type this. So they should (fingers crossed be finished this afternoon.

Thanks for looking today, have a good and long weekend and with luck see you soon.

All the best Clint

Thursday 27 April 2017

2nd Platoon (WW2 Japanese15mm)

Well I have just finished the 2nd Platoon for my PBI Pacific war.  So strongly working towards a full supported company. Like the last Platoon this platoon consists of 10 stands (I added more to the last
platoon....not as yet seen). These 10 stands are:
  • 1 Command Stand (pistol Armed)
  • 2 Light Machine Gun stands
  • 2 Light Mortar stands
  • 5 Rifle stands.
Yes I do intend to make a 3rd platoon. And Yes I still have some figures left to paint so each of these platoons MAY well get expanded. But for now that is the platoon

To the right is the full company (so far). From left to right:
  • 2 70mm Infantry guns (I may get 2 more)
  • Mortar section consisting of a command stand and 2 Mortars. Again this can/will be expanded.
  • 1st Platoon, Using the same composition as that listed above.
  • Command section consisting of 2 snipers and company command (with battle flag!)
  • 2nd Platoon. Exactly as shown above.

At the back is the destroyed tankette objective marker.

The next stage is to get the third platoon ready and then PERHAPS get some more support. This support could be mortars, Machineguns, Tankettes or Tanks. I am not sure just yet.

Thanks for looking and now back to reality. I am expecting some more shinies to arrive today as my LAST I am not going to Salute self Pressie. Nothing so very exciting that you need to know in advance but some more 10mm Spanish Civil War stuf and some more Rssian Civil war stuff is ALREADY on the painting table.

So until next time take care and get the paint brush out and some figures painted!
Best Wishes Clint

Tuesday 25 April 2017

CV33 (or L3)

Yes the tankette has more than one name.  It is the Italian tankette, a 2 man armoured vehicle armed with twin machine guns. Some were flame thrower equipped but they were quite rare from what I am lead to believe.

The model is by Frontline (LINK) wargaming and cast in Resin. The hull and the tracks are cast separately so some supergluing is required. But not much!

While it was used in the Spanish Civil war this is for my Western Desert Chain of Command forces. Which will be expanded on this year. (Crosses fingers and hopes not to get side tracked).

Again the reason for Chain of Command is the reliance on infantry and not heavy armour. You are more likely to be able to field an armoured car than a tank for example.

The bottom picture is clearly a real one and not a model, and is included for those that are not familiar with the vehicle.

That's it for today. I should have a Japanese ww2 Platoon finished by Thursday so I will try to show it then. So until Thursday take care, have fun and paint if you get the opportunity!

Best Wishes Clint