Thursday 24 November 2011


Hallo and welcome to my Blog. In this space I shall be talking about all things wargaming with particular regard to Rainham Wargames Club but also touching on Sittingborne club (MHWC) and maybe Walderslade Club (Medway Wargames Club). However being egotistical I shall mostly be waffling on about what I'm working on from a Wargames point of view with making and painting and playing games.

I have many balls up in the air at the moment, but yesterday I was tasked with creating a Christmas Game for the Sittingbourne club. The basics can be found here.... ..... Yes I know it's a lot of mucking about swappimg from one website to another and then back, I'll try to focus it a bit more as I go along and get more confidence with what I'm doing. Well while it's not a good start it is at least a start. to be continued......

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