Friday 2 December 2011

Carpark 0.4

Well I am afraid that I was unable to post anything yesterday. Real life got in the way.

Anyway heres the latest. I have put myself a little behind by repainting the tarmac. It was getting to look to  light. I think for a Zombie game darker might be better. I have about 10 days now so still plenty of time so no worries just yet.

As you can see I have painted thebase again, darker. it's Quite patchy but for a car par I don't see that as a problem.I mixed a really nasty brown (black, read yellow and a touch of white) to represent the walls and slapped it on all the vertical surfaces. It's far from neat, but as a throw-away game it'll do, no point being precious about something only used once or twice, (2 different clubs).

As mentioened below I hope that painting all the cut walls bright red will give the players the idea that it's not full height and they can't just hop over from one room to another. As you can see on the second photo I have left it "natural" where the ramps meet the edge. I WILL paint it a tarmac colour when time permits. Probly tomorrow. I did want to mark the bays out today, but better to leave it til later and try to do it properly...... or at least not in a rush. The New Metric handbook has parkin at 26.5 sq m per car. Or in laymans terms 5.8m by 14m (for 5 cars) for head on parking. But I'll do whatever looks right when the time comes.

Karl at Crooked Dice has kindly offered to lend me 30 Pro-painted Zombies for the game. I have declined but can't express in words how generous I feel this offer is especially as we have only met once. I start painting mine tommorrow as the painting table is now clear.

My Camera is going on Holiday for a few days, so very unlikely there will be any pics till Thursday. And by then most if not all of the terrain should be done, or very close to being done. I plan to start Andy (from Ainsty castings) moon scape boards soon as well. I'll post the details here as I go. Thanks for reading. Cheers Clint

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