Monday 19 December 2011


Well it has almost escaped my notice but we are on the run up to Christmas I have done my best to ignore it and have been very happy to do so. I have bought pressies already (got the last one in September) as I hate the last minute rush thingie, can't see the point a total waste of time. Little bit of planning and problem solved long before it becomes a problem. Or so I thought.

Well today school holidays have started and I have been "babysitting" my nephew. So how much do you think I could get done.... Yeah about that much or maybe a little less. Last time he came he did not have a coat so there was no way he could "help" up the shed. No way at all. So my sister being very very helpful made him wear a coat, but a brand new one that in no way could get any marks on. So the upshot was a total waste of time again could not get anything done up the shed. So No wargaming terrain made at all today.

I think I might have solved the Broadside game idea however. Which has put a smile on my face.  The terrain I am really good at making is cliffs. (even if I do say so myself.) SO I think a 17th-18th century South Coast smuggling game is the order of the day complete with smugglers cave system. SO you heard it here first.

I will continue to post this week and try to get things done in the dark up the shed before the young one arrives and I have to stop and look after him, but don't expect too much. Although I am now ready to start texturing the first moon board. So maybe tomorrow very early.

More later Clint

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