Thursday 12 January 2012


Well it has been 2 days since the last post, if I'm honest I did miss typing this yesterday, but lets keep it at every other day for the time being. One of the things about posting regularly is the desire to get things done so you have something to say. Anyway here is a pic of the biker when painted. I mucked up the tattoo on the left fore arm and have repainted the arm since this was take. All in all I'm not unhappy with it. The photo does show up all the flaws and miss brush strokes that your eye glosses over in real life. Still that said he's not all that bad. One of the problem with bikers is that they do tend to dress drably all black leather and denim.
The other two are coming on as well. The female biker is done (no pics of her yet) and she looks pretty good. I did repaint her Bra from Black to Red to inject some colour into the trio. Her tattoo's are smaller and maybe I should have put one on the small of her back which is so common at the moment, but not personally being a Fan I have not done so. The other one with the chain is also coming along nicely, but is not finished yet. I have given him grey hair to make him look older and more like the leader, whether that will be the result time will tell. Photos of him and the girl when they are finished.

I have also started the 10mm dwarf cannons. I am sticking to the basic colour palette from before as it seemed to work. They are really at the basics stage of blocking in colours so I will not dwell on them more at this time.

No this is not a holiday snap from a few days away in the sun. This is Joss Bay in Kent. as mentioned previously I am thinking of running a game of "Cutlass" at Broadside 2012. (When I say I will be running I of course mean I will be running round like a headless chicken generally talking to the traders and making sure things are getting done in the hall in general. BUT I hope some of the Rainham club will take on the responsibility of running it). OK that's clarified. Coming back to the point this is the type of terrain I am thinking of creating. Tall cliffs, sandy beaches, smugglers caves, maybe a tavern and maybe a lighthouse. I have loads of ideas as to what could happen but until it does it happen it's all speculation. I will most likely send of for the first "gang" next week. Kev has suggested that I start with the Royal Navy as a force. To me this sounds like sound advice and I think I'll take it. The Royal Marine figures armed with musket and bayonet are known to be formidable in game terms. Historically speaking it is recorded that some Kent smugglers did have cannons on the beach set up to repel the local government forces should they need to. I'm guessing they did not want to get convicted of smuggling that time, still it's a bit extreme!

My last bit of progress news today is the moon boards. The two latest boards had dried sufficiently to allow the final coat of "muck" to be applied. Having doe this they now need to completely dry so there's no point in touching these till after the weekend. I'll let you know Monday what the state of play with them is, but I suspect it will take a full week for them to reach the right level of drying. The other board is just about dry from it's top coat and now I can see all the small bits I missed so It will need another coat, just to make sure.

That's it for today should post again on Saturday. Right back to the paint table.

Cheers Clint


  1. Looks good so far mate. Planning a smugglers den are we then?

  2. I like the picky :-)

    I must say I've always struggled with tats myself, I did a troll once with a couple of little ones,can't too bad as you wouldn't expect him to have gone to a tattoo studio :-)



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