Friday 27 April 2012


Well this is my "Finished" Taliban force. When I say "Finished" I do of course mean finished enough for the Afghanistan game at Broadside. I shall try to keep adding more and more until I move onto another project. If I am honest I still have more undercoated waiting to go, but only a couple of weapons teams (an 81mm mortar and another 12.7mm hmg). But it is enough for the moment. The picture has all the ARMED Taliban. Dickers and civilians are not included. Maybe I'll do them another day.

So what is in this 20mm war band? Well I'm glad you asked.
  •  2 Toyota style Pick-ups with12.7mm HMGs
  •  1 Motor cycle with RPG and LMG crew
  •  1 12.7mm HMG.
  •  1 50mm mortar
  •  1 AA missile
  •  1 I am not sure of, Left hand side near the back. But it looks meatie
  •  2 with scoped sniper rifles
  •  8 with RPGs
  •  8 with LMGs (7.62mm PKM)
  •  3 with radios and AKs either leaders or spotters for off table mortars
  •  5 leader types with binoculars
  •  35 Assorted small arms mostly AKs but a few with bolt action Rifles.
So more than 60 all told which should give enough (more than enough) opposition to the Coalition.

That's the post for today. I'll blog again on Sunday. All the best Clint


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