Friday 11 May 2012

Broadside Layout.

 I have finished the following additional Taliban.

1 extra Taliban RPG team on a motorcycle.
1 extra  Taliban HMG 12.7mm
1 Taliban 80mm Mortar and crew.*
2 Extra Leader types with Binoculars
1 Extra Taliban with a rifle.
Now that really is all my Taliban done.

*The 80mm Mortar is an objective piece only, The minimum range is greater than any on table dimension (including diagonals). The 50mm Mortar has a minimum range of 18 inches on table top so that can be very effective.

Well No progress shots today, Which is not saying Progress has not been made, just that today I am not photographing it. The reason being the plans for the two halls are done for Broadside and I thought it should be shared.

I will apologise for the faintness of the images. The guy who puts it on CAD is great at doing so, but is not a designer and does not consider how the images will be used. Ideally all the lines should be thicker to make them clearer, and thus the writing would be clearer. I did try to manipulate the images to create a greater contrast, but the image was bleeding out, even changing the colours did not help. SO if you get a migraine stop trying to spot traders or clubs.

That should just have moved the plans down low enough so the "Clutter " on the right does not interfere with the plans.


 I'll be happy to answer any questions in comments about who's coming and where they will be.

Let me pre-empt a couple, Posties Rejects are on one of the central tables in Wyvern Hall.

Crooked Dice are in the main hall (stay on the right hand side when you enter the main hall they are the third trader along (with round games table in front).

Rainham Wargames Club (And me a lot of the time) Are in the main hall directly in front of Wargames Emporium stand. If in doubt ask ask at the info desk for the stand, OR should there be a Star-Wars Stormtrooper (scout trooper) about feel free to ask him as he's known me about 20 years.

Tim (Frontline) will be where he  was last year. By which I mean he'll talking to traders leaving his wife behind the stall. (Yes you will Mate! You always do!).

The Flea Market will be in the Projectile Hall. A separate but linked space.

As I said any questions please ask. And If I can get Mark to make the lines bolder so they can be seen clearly I'll post the plans again.

Hopefully this should be readable. But only time will tell.

Main Hall
Wyvern Hall


  1. ....near the bar too, that's me sorted!

    1. Also close to the Bacon Sarnies..... but remember food/drink cut down the shinney-itis budget.

  2. G12, the bars a bit to far away for you to walk Fran, you may have to send Postie!!


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