Thursday 7 June 2012

2 Days to Go!

 As I am sure you are now WELL aware of BROADSIDE
will take place on Sunday and this is the last post from me before it does. I did contemplate detailing the show, but lets be honest if you are interested you're either coming or not by this stage, I really doubt there will be any last second changes of plans. However I would be doing the show a dis-service  if I did not put a link in as well. 
So there you go.
I thought I should also show where I am with regard to Saga. As I already had a box of Gripping Beast Hirdmen, also known as Vikings it was an obvious place to start. Given the lack of uniforms and the universal use of equipment by all sides, often given to loyal followers when stripped from the dead of either side following a battle. These troops can easily be used as Scots, Viking, Anglo Danish, Anglo Saxon, Welsh etc. The main differences come at the levy quality troops which would most likely not be given battle trophies. In the Saga rules "Dane Axes" are not given to Vikings, (they get berserkers instead) so the guy on the right in the SAGA rules would be Anglo Danish. In Real life obviously every faction used every weapon but for the game this guy is an Anglo Dane. The top unit of four figures are in my mind "Hearth-guard" as I have unified them with the same colour shields. While not a uniform as such it does identify them as being together. Call it Artistic licence. I am sticking to geometric shield designs just for ease of painting but I think it works quite well and gives a good look. Lots more to do of course. but at least it's a start.
That's it for Today. I may sneak a quick post in tomorrow (no promises) as I would post on Sunday, but I will be at the show. So take care and speak soon. All the best Clint.


  1. Good luck at the show. Am sure all the hard work you guys are pumping into it will be worth it, and then we can all see the photos and behind the scenes talks of how it went.

  2. Thanks Mr Lee. You don't know he half of it... one club has contacted me within the last 30 mins to let me know their game is 2 foot longer than they have booked tables for!

    I'll mention no names but they do read this blog.

  3. Replies
    1. Do you need me to bring a saw on Sunday? JK

  4. Very nice best of luck Clint. Hope its a great turn out for you

    1. Well we have two magazine editors coming now and I think at least one of them is interested in if the Advertising by BLOG has worked following the advertising mess-up with the magazines.

      We all, the organisers, have sleepless nights over show turn out and until people start to turn up we are never sure that they will. That is probably the worst part of the show organisation If I am honest.

      Thanks for your good wishes. Hope I can manage a show report on Monday )


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