Thursday 28 June 2012

PBI (1)

36-28-19 points
Company Command
I am sure the title of the post gives it away. But for the moment I have been painting 15mm US infantry for Peter Pigs PBI (Poor bloody Infantry). It's all slowly comming together. It's also clear that I have concentrated on the vehicles, and not the Infantry. Under each photo is the points cost in Elite-Average-Raw quality. Given that the game is limited to 400 points and because the rules encourage it I shall only feild 1 tank section each game, probably not even a complete one at that. But at least I have some options. I also have a horde more troops to paint up.
113-80-52 points
!st Platoon
In this set up each platoon has g arand stands 3 bar stands and a command (smg) stand. It's pretty much organised in the same manner as the US Company in the rules is. That will no doubt change when I try to penny pinch the points to get something legal to field on the table. 

So we have Company comand and two infanttry platoons. For a total of 20 stands of foot sloggers. Add to that a Mortar platoon of 3 medium mortars and it's starting to look like a real force of some kind.

113-80-52 points
2nd Platoon
I have 3 tank options. Light tanks in the form of 4 M3 Stuarts. In a late war setting I don't fancy these will do to well if confronted with any real armoured opposition. I am however willing to be suprised. You just never know.

Or 4 M10 Tank destroyers. These have a decent gun but stil thin armour relying on speed to get them out of trouble supposedly! Being open topped they might not do quite so well against German infantry. Again I am willing to be suprised and if nothing else they will draw a lot of fire away from everything else on the table but possibly only for a very short tume.
69-51-39 points
Medium Mortar platoon

156-112-68 points
M5 Stuart
My final option is of course the 4 Sherman. I have only 3 of these which is not too much of a worry. If you play Ammericans in WW2 you just have to accept that German tanks can tear you a new one each and every time. These have neither the gun or the armour to go toe to toe with a German heavy tank. On the other hand the States could out produce the Germans quite considerably. I read somewhere that it was 50 Shermans to each Tiger in production terms. Personally I would like to see a game where the German player has one tiger and the American player has 50 Shermans just to watch the German Player sweat. (And worry that they might run out of ammo!)

That's it for tday. The Poll closses in a couple of days and ten I can start to get direction once more and sort out a complete game in stead of doing just bits and peices. All the best thanks for following (or at least looking at the pics) I'll Blog again on Saturday. Cheers Clint

204-148-88 Points
171-99-69 points


  1. Looking good Clint. Are these Peter Pig minis? I have their 14th Army stuff and it's very nice, althought I went to Skytrex for the tanks

    1. Mostly battle front minis. (I got a bring and buy bargain). A couple of extras (with BARs are Peter pig). Vehicles mostly Battle front. The Stuars I have no idea on as they were an Ebay bargain but are not of great quality, but serviceable.

  2. Great looking troops and tanks Clint!

  3. Replies
    1. Many thanks. Still things to sort out on them though.

  4. Nice looking force Clint's, I'd take the Stuarts only because I have a soft spot for smaller tanks though

    1. I have more stuff to paint. I'll wait till more is done and I'm ready for a game.

      I too have a soft spot for light tanks. I do suspect I will take the M10s though as they have a better gun, one which an actually do more than scratch German tanks.


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