Wednesday 4 July 2012

Big Guns

Continuing the PBI company I have managed to paint up a couple of 105mm howitzers. The Guns and crew are by Peter Pig while the trucks, are Battlefront. It was a case of what can I get at the right price. Battlefront trucks, being resin, are cheaper than peter pig, while the opposite is true of the artillery and the crew. I like the fact that you can also get stacks of shells which all adds to the feel. The bases are thick card (Mounting board) with a thin coat of filler and a covering of sand to get a texture. All in all I a very happy with how they turned out, I think I might need a two more but that can wait for the moment. When playing PBI you have to set you level of aggression. The US Infantry can set theirs to 1 (the minimum) doing this guarantees you can start the game with some towed guns. That is an option I think I need to explore, 2 extra guns might make all the difference. Time will tell.
I had better give a brief explanation of the building list from yesterday. I am looking to make a participation Zombie game to run at a couple of shows (Conventions). As a show game it needs to not only look good, but has to be easily transported and stored. For this reason I will not be building a whole city (at least in the foreseeable future.) To allow me to focus I needed to write a list of possible adventure sites. By doing so I have clarified my thinking. There are a number of criteria for show games that need to be considered that you can forget about at club games. I have mentioned size for storage and transportation. Some shows (In SE England) also desire you to keep games small so they can fit more in. Additionally at Broadside for example we have to rent the tables. Thus if your game is large it can cost the organisers quite a lot of money.

Well that's it for today. I'll Post again on Friday. Thanks for looking and talk soon. Cheers Clint.


  1. Nice artillery and trucks. The shells add that little bit of oomph to the bases and look great.

    Not sure what you had in mind.

    This is something I was thinking about for a prison or on-board a big ship. This is Mordhiem but the layout is what i'm thinking if you did to of these that could be joined together perhaps to represent different sections of ship/prison

    1. I see what you mean.
      I think I am not explaining myself too well, but yes that is one possible solution. When I work out exactly what I want then I should be able to explain it better. well Maybe!

  2. I love the guns, and I bet you don't have many followers of your blog that are actually qualified to crew and command this particular gun... like I am :-D

    These look really great, but as an Artilleryman I have to mention one problem: the ammo would never be stored the way it is to the rear, well at least not in the Australian Army. I can't vouch for other countries.

    Storing the projectile half of the round (the bit that comes out of the gun) can be done this way, especially for chemical rounds like Smoke rounds, but the brass half (the cartridge case) would never be stored like that.

    The reason is that the base of the case has the business end of the round that makes it go "BANG" and putting it down on the ground could detonate it.

    Apart from that point, and where you have placed the crew, this is top notch.

    I do like how people are painting the gun aiming markers on the trails too.

    1. Thanks mate that's really infomative.

      As you will have deduced I do not have any artilery experience (at all) So I was just putting things where I thought they should go and where there was room on the base. If it has come out roughly acurate it's more luck than anything else.

      Now that you have pointed the problem out it is of course obvious. Thanks I really appreciate it.


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