Monday 10 September 2012

Kra Vak (1)

I have struggled to get anything painted for the last week or so. But I have finished my first Kra Vak squad in 15mm from GZG. (Not quite finished, I need rocks on the bases and to Varnish). I did not want my aliens to look comical so I went for a grey skin tone. I had considered green, two different purples and even light blue, but finally settled or Grey skin and black hair. To my mind these are alien, but very similar to humans, as such I wanted them to be on roughly equal terms with my FSE, but with different technologies and different ideologies as well. I have no idea how I will paint the vehicles yet but see no reason not to use camouflage on them, just trying to get a colour scheme that works, looks alien and still fits with the figures. Not a huge amount more to say about these so I shall keep it very short today. Thanks for reading and Talk again on Wednesday. All the best Clint.


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