Tuesday 4 September 2012

PBI Germans

Following last club game where I got very lucky and actually won a game. I decided to build on that success and start a second PBI force.  As previously discussed I already have an American Infantry company for PBI, I also had an un-started German late war force for Flames of war. Logically I decided to use what I already had and get to painting the Germans. And so today these are the first ones to roll of the paint table.  As you can see they are all on 30mm square bases unlike the flames of war bases.
I decided early on that I wanted a late war force and that being the case and with the figures already in my grubby little hands I just had to paint camouflage. Thus I have tried to paint HBT (dot) as well as Oak leaf (Both Autumn and spring... but mostly spring) in addition to field grey. For those of you interested in such things these are SS camouflage patterns, This was a deliberate choice as I really do struggle to paint "Water and Tan" (AKA Splinter A), perhaps I just need more practise, but to me it never comes out right. Splinter B is just not an option before anyone asks. I decided a mixture of Camouflage patterns was preferable as I wanted to keep a rag tag look to the company. Making it seem battle worn and adhoc as opposed to straight off the parade ground. You can just make out the patterns on some of the uniforms, and will have to take my word that they are much clearer in real life. As you can see 9 stands in all finished as of this morning. Two Panserfaust Stands, one Command Stand, two rifle stands and four light machinegun stands. I think this is about the right mix for late war Germans as they did tend to retain their LMGs in preference to their rifles. Also the Panserfaust stands can act as rifle stands should no armour be present. The fallen trees are of course small twigs repainted. The Repainting was very necessary as they did look like twigs wand not trees when just left natural. I did try it first hoping I could save time and effort, but in the end the paint was splashed.
That's today's post another one on Thursday. Until then thanks for looking and take care Clint.


  1. I really like those...probably as I got a german infantry (I call them assault pioneers :P) myself. Are those meant to be an SS company?

    1. I have painted them as SS but they could be any late war Germans if wearing different camoflage.


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