Thursday 26 December 2013

10mm Peasants Samurai Period

 This was my latest addition the Curt's Analogue Painting challenge. 32 Peasant archers. 16 for the Red army and 16 for the blue army. Which doubles my Peasant archers for both armies. Unless I get any more as a gift I cannot see me buying any more of them as I want the battles I have in my head to be more about Samurai and Ashigaru. That said I may get some other peasant figures maybe with polearms or hand weapons, perhaps even Arquibus but not with bows.

Anyway from the challenge point of view this has taken me to 144 points out of my target of 600 so about 1/4 of the way there in about 10 days. That being the case I am considering raising my total. I will hold fire on that just yet, and see how things go along. But you heard it hear first. I have already submitted my next entry, although I do not think it will gain very many points as it is just a single 28mm figure. But every little helps and as it is the Wild Bunch entry fee it did need to be done sooner rather than later.

On the Christmas pressie front I did not fair all that well unless you count socks in which case it was fantastic but for wargames, not so much. I did get three books and 3 decent paint brushes so it could have been much worse. So definitely no complaints. I am now going to crack on with painting my next entry with a view to submitting it on Friday.

Next update should be on Saturday. So until then take care have fun and maybe treat yourself in the Boxing-day Sales if Santa has not delivered exactly what you wanted. All the best Clint

Post Script: On Christmas Day I noticed that we clipped the 50k page views. So a big thank you to everyone for popping by. I do appreciate every page view and every comment form every member or lurker.


  1. I love the archers and you are going great guns to your total, keep it up Clint. Congratulations of the 50K mark

    1. Thank you Pete. I hope to have my first batch of Arabs done by this time tomorrow. Which should be my biggest points total to date. (well that's the plan!)

  2. Thank you Loki. Just bases to do for my next challenge entry. So that should get sent to Curt either tomorrow or Saturday. And have to work out what is next on the painting conveyer belt! I hope your Christmas went well and the challenge has progressed.

  3. The peasant are revolting !- Not yours obviously, they're good, but their numbers need increasing with them armed with pointy sticks and mud sods,

    Good score on the hit thingy too btw


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