Sunday 3 August 2014

Napoleonic AAR

Me and Napoleonic battles are not the best of friends. Anyway I had a Napoleonic battle at Posties Shed of war last weekend. It was a fun time and I learnt a few things and here is how the battle went.

The !809 Campaign has started. French and Austrian armies are all advancing towards Various objectives and positions, with both sides awaiting the show down that would soon erupt. Further North two reconassance forces one French one Austrian are out looking for any sign of the enemy forces, as they stumble upon each other the scene is set for a clash of empires.

The introduction was read out by Postie. A Curtain was put between the French and the Austrians so we could not see what the opposing forces were doing. Lee and Myself took the French part and Smiffy and Surgit took the Austrians. WE had to start the game in march columns and advance the way we were going. I guess they had to as well so no whining but as we had cavalry I do wonder why they were not sent to scout and the Infantry to slowly creep forward. But Postie said we couldn't and As I know very little of this period am not in a position to discuss the tactics.

The screen goes up and Both me and Smiffy charge with our light cavalry.
I win with the first cavalry charge and am out of position.n
Despite being in a better position I loose the Second Light Cavalry charge
And Smiffy is then out of position.

Postie explaining something.... No Idea what it was!

My Heavy Cavalry at the far left wing! A lot of moving and squeezing Past Lee to get to them.

Smiffys cavalry so far out of position that he has busted through the French line and now faces 2 more Cavalry units of mine.

All Three Cavalry units charge
His One Light Cavalry against my two medium cavalry
Including one hitting his flank.

Bye Bye all smiffy's Light Cavalry.
My Heavy Cavlry Clash with Surgit's Heavy Guard Cavalry.
It works out about even on the dice rolls

Then the dice are rolled
My heavy cavalry are forced Back and with 2d6 needing as high as possible

I roll a 4.
Which means they all flee.

Lee poor chap had his left wing hanging in the air so formed squares.
The most of front line is forced to form squares

I was able to use my remaining cavalry to hold Of Smiffy

Lee had to Hang on the best he could

The last of My Cavalry on the left flank charged by two Guard Cavalry.
Predictable result!

Lee by the only ventilation. In the shed.

Ray turned up and put clothes pegs on Posties Ears
No Idea why it must be a
Kentish man thing
Their weird that side of the river.

Deadlock on the left flank as Smiffy refused to get in charge range
And I was not willing to charge formed Infantry!
In Retrospect I should have just tried it!

With No cavalry due to my poor morale check from earlier
Lees infantry which did not form squares are
Charged by cavalry and cut to pieces.

Postie Declares Surgit man of the match and the Austrians deserved winners.

Conclusion: I Take responsibility for the French loss this time. Poor Lee just had to suffer my misfortune! Generally Lee did roll well and has lifted his dice curse. Overall I just have to say we were out played. and took the beating I deserved. Yes lots I would have done differently and a few lessons learned the hard way.

No complaints I was due a Loss at the shed of war. And this time I got a thumping.

I return to the shed of war next weekend and will probably get another thrashing ...... Ooh err!

Thanks for reading guys and more again on Tuesday. 


  1. You sound like you've inherited Lee's luck !
    Interesting battle (as all Postie's games seem to be) and I like the use of curtains, it's been a long while since I can remmebr their use.

    (I take it from your slur of the visitor that you're a Man of Kent then?)

    1. Yes a man of Kent. No not at all I had both good dice and bad dice it is just that on one important roll I rolled badly and that opened up a whole flank.
      Thank you Joe.

  2. I see the number of contractual Potssie shot has been bumped up to three. It looks like you overextended yourself with the cavalry early on in Napoleonics you want to save them to smash infantry at the right moment like what happened to Lee.

    1. Like I said me and Napoleonic's are not best friends. The Hidden set up meant that with my cavalry It really was a case in most instances of Charge or become charged. But no complaints , a fun day.

  3. You don't seem to upset by the loss and you understand why, learning something for next time. Glad you had some fun and get to go again!

    1. When you loose as often as me it is well not to get upset. Thank you Anne.

  4. Cool batrep dude! Nappies have never been my thing ( I just don't get it.). Once again the table and forces look great. I tend to learn more from losing than winning. Are you becoming a regular reject?

    1. I don't get it either! nappies yeah go figure I never could. Am I becoming a regular reject? Ray and Postie Have said I can take the Honorary Reject title of by blog and call my self a Reject. But I doubt I'll get paid anything! So I am just leaving it for now.

  5. Don't blame yourself mate, it was a joint defeat and I have to take more than my fair share of blame. I should have pushed my infantry forward early in the game and held that hill. And once I realised Surj was shifting to turn my flank I should have pulled my Brigades back quicker. Instead he flanked the line and just started to roll it up. If Postie hadn't ended the game when he had I would have suggested throwing in the towel pretty soon myself.

    My record with Napoleonic games isn't good (hell, my records overall is pretty poor!). I'm much more at home playing ACW. But that volley fire dice roll is still a high point for me...five dice rolled and five kills (4 sixes and one five!). The dice curse is well and truly lifted!!

    1. Thank you Lee. I am glad your dice curse has been lifted.

      WE are not going to argue over who will take the blame.... clearly it's postie! End of discussion.

  6. Looked like a great game, I really like the curtain idea.

    1. Thank you Baconfat. The curtain did change the dynamic of the game without a doubt.

  7. Looked like a great least you both enjoyed it!!

    1. Thank you Ray if I only enjoyed winning I would have given it up MANY years ago.


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