Monday 22 September 2014

Autumn Skirmish

One of the very local shows is "Skirmish" they operate a spring and autumn Skirmish and as one of the local clubs we usually put a game on. More of the game in another post.

 So Let's for a change start with a loot shot. As the show is mostly a toy soldier show as opposed to a wargames show many of the traders are of little or no interest to me at this present time. Also there is a bigger show in a few weeks which I expect to spend more at I was on a plan to spend very little and indeed for less than £12
  • Pot of Black Paint
  • Pot of "Brown Rose" Paint
  • Osprey Conquistadors
  • Osprey Aztec Mixtec and Zapotec Armies
  • 1 pack of MDF bases.(Very small round ones)
  • Jodie the Belt fed girl.
I do have a use for everything but don't ask about the osprey books just yet. There were 2 other Osprey books I was interested in but I did not get them in the morning and by the rime I got another look round later they were both gone. Oh well it was not meant to be. Recently I have been going through the wargames doldrums we all do at times so not a big issue. But finally coming out of it and really got a few ideas for the future!

So here are a few of the games that were there.

A great looking Saga(esqe) game Very nice looking. But I did not get
to see what was going on so much.

Not really sure what this was. But at small
local shows not every club can get things
painted in time.

One of the Original Games clubs.
An Interesting looking game.

Not sure where the Mammoth came in the game
but any game with a Mammoth is worth a second look!"

Dave and Paul from Medway wargames Club
put on a war of the worlds game.
One of the original games clubs to get involved with the show.
Paul And Ian from "Krush the Kiaser" were playing out
of period for a change.

But No reason why Rural 20th Century France
should not be used as both WW1 and WW2
Just Build the boards and play the game.

Not sure whom these were (Maybe Ashford)
And I think it was Bolt Action.

The SELWG guys doing a bit of
African Bush wars using "Force on Force" Rules.
David and Larry from Hernebay/Whitstable Wargames club
Again one of the original clubs to support the show
were doing some 1920's Cops and Robbers.
This game did inspire me and more about this game as well at another time!
That's it for today. Thanks for looking and I hope to see you all soon. I will try to post again tomorrow, either a new wargames focus idea or an AAR of our game. Not sure yet.
Take care, all the best Clint


  1. I envy you all the shows so much!
    It is too bad about unpainted things though. It can happen, but it looks awful :D.

    I support the Aztec project! Which size are you thinking about? They'd look splendidly colorful in 28mm, but the mass of natives versus the tiny detachment of conquistadors could only be appreciated in a smaller scale.

    1. Thank you Mathyoo.
      At present there is no Aztec project. It is something in my head only at this stage. I was thinking of using the Donnybrook rules, but having played them I am not sure they would be the right rules so the search continues.

  2. I also envy you for attending so many shows. I'd like to know more about Jodie the BFG. Who is she and what period is she from? I've never seen her or the company who makes her before.

    1. Thank you Bryan. Jodie the Belt fed Girl, is part of the belt fed figures range. Which is stocked by Col Bills and I think owned by Stu (aka Colonel Bill) them. Jodie is a circa 1945 "Nose art" pin up girl. Some more Belt fed girls are in the works, a Viking Maiden and a modern army "topless" Medic among others.

  3. A very restrained bag of loot, but some interesting stuff there nevertheless.
    The games were a very mixed bag from the good (the Saga game) to the ridiculous (anything with unpainted figures).

    1. Yes I was restrained on the loot. Others were less so. I know one chap who spent over £150 on a single stall. But that is there tail to tell and so I'll say no more. I am confident that when I show pics of our game (Well Tim's game) you'll not be disappointed with it. I also suspect that You will approve my new project idea. Thank you Joe.

  4. Smart thinking to spend more at a better show. Talking of which, you do get about a bit. Thanks for the photo's, it gives us unsocial buggers a new look at shows, so to speak. (Even if they had unpainted minis in them).

    1. I normally manage 5 shows a year, but this year it will be 7. (Yippee) Yes it would be better to have all painted figures and MOST clubs do manage it. BUT I am not that judgemental for example they may have many young players. And while eye candy is important to me at least they are having a go. So while I will point them out I actually quite like it. Everyone works to a different standard after all.
      Thank you Bob

  5. Those 1920's Cops and Robbers are cool. Glad to hear you had a good time and didn't spend loads of money!

    1. Yeah sometimes you get sucked in to spending and at other times you can get away with it. There was one guy at the show (according to a trader I know) who bought 36 pots of paint! I am guessing he really needed them.

      Thanks Anne.
      Post script: more on 1920's Gangsters another time.

  6. "Don't ask"?! You show us these things but request that we aren't curious :-) ?

    1. LOL yes Ok I am a git! TheAztecs and conquistadors are an idea in my head only at this stage and I don't want to get side tracked too much before SELWG>Thank you C6

  7. A nice loot haul and some good looking games.

    Only a week and half until the Derby show I can't wait!

    1. My next show is on the 12th Oct. I must start saving my pennies!
      Thank you Simon.

  8. A nice little haul you got there Clint!

    1. Thank you Ray. I am very pleased with my loot.

  9. At least you remembered to buy what you needed. Two days after the show I found myself at my FLGS buying the varnish I forgot to get at Skirmish.

    1. Thank you Lee. The two osprey books I don't NEED, but the price and condition were right so we need a little lift at times. Nice to meet your wife as well.


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