Monday 4 April 2016

Skirmish Show report

Traders  in the main Hall
There were over 30 Traders covering a
wide range of Toy soldier products
and wargames products.
Firstly let me say I was mostly playing a game and will do a Batt report in another post.  I dis show the loot I made off with yesterday so here is a look at the games and the traders a the show.

If you are a wargamer though do not expect the show
 to be like Salute or "Supermarket sweep!"
There is some good stuff but mostly you have to
look for it.

Traders in the Foyer

The Hall of Games. Where the clubs put on games for the public
Again if you are expecting Salute type games
 you will mostly be disappointed.

There is even a display of modelmaking.
While I spend almost no time talking to these guys
I do recognise that there is a mutural interest
Between wargames

Theer is even a Military illustrator
at the show working away at commissions
from members of the public.









The Games

For many of us the games are the best bits. here are a selection of games from the show. With comments where appropriate. But Mostly without as I was not asking too many questions.

A 10mm Napoleonic game
using Pendraken figures
A 54mm Somme Game.
Quite lovely and build by a BBC Production Engineer

It even had a couple of holes in the side to look
into the underground sections
Dave and Paul from the Walderslade club.
Playing Dust tactics
A Full Thrust game by Sittingbourne club
Paul and Ian (The Crush the Kiaser guys)
doing a Dark arge Skirmish.
It was the first time I have seen them do a game
pre 20th Century.
Herene Bay-Whitatable club
Doing some Lion Rampant
With 3 Retinues each.
No Idea. But still nice to see
A fantasy Big battle in which as many figures on the table
 as possible did seem to be the aim of this game.
Quantity over Quality.
But each to their own
The Gravesend guys doing a large Necron
versus Space Marines

A Mad max Inspired game.
It will be at Salute in a bigger format.
Looks fun.
And who does not want to be a WARBOY!

Last but not least Our Game of Hammering Iron
An ACW Naval engagement
And a bloodbath,
But more of this in another post!
 Overall a good day out for me and the Rainham club.  Kindly Note that Blogger put the artist and first game side by side. And rather than re type the whole thing I just went with it!

THIS SHOW will happen again in the Autumn. on

18th September 2016.

I am about to start preparing our club game for the show. The date line for the game is 2nd September 1944 as part of Operation Market Garden. But things may well change. I will keep you all posted.

Thanks for looking today and I will post again on Wednesday.

Cheers Clint


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Ray. I am sure you will have better .

  2. Good selection of pics Clint; it odes look to be a very interesting show too.

    1. It is quite a good local show not trying to be a big show!

  3. Yep, there's a lot of interesting things going on there. With the number of asteroids in the Full Thrust games, I'll bet that at least one ship ended up piling into a rock. And I'm struck by the pink vehicle in the not-Mad-Max game. Really, pink :-) ?

    As for Hammering Iron, ironclad warfare is one of my top "maybe, sometime" genres of considerable interest...

    1. Thank you C6. Yes If I was playing Full thrust on that set up I know I would be "Magnetic" to asteroids!

      As for hammering Iron. Not a bad set of rules and quite a fun game. I will try to write it up in the next few days.

  4. Very nice pics Clint. That does indeed look like one of the better shows. not too large or busy but plenty to see, buy and (perhaps most importantly of all) have a chat about with like-minded gaming friends.

    1. Thanks Blax. I think you have summed it up very well.

  5. A cracking looking show Clint, that trench game looks amazing.

    1. The trench game was amazing. Thank you Michael.

  6. Looks good Clint, worth a little look in September?

    1. Thank you Gobbo. Is it worth a look? Hard to say it all depends on how much effort it would be to get their for you.

  7. Where as it?? As if dagobbo goes I might tag along. .. Great pics of the battles

    1. Thanks Damon. The show is at the Sidcup and Chislehurst Grammar school on Hurst road. It is a small show so do not expect too much if you do come to it. I would suggest Broadside in Sittingbourne would be closer and more wargames orientated. I will also be there running a game but always time to chat.

    2. When is Broadside dude? I know I missed it last year

    3. Thanks Gobbo. Broadside is Sunday 12th June 10am -4 pm. Hope that helps

  8. Some interesting looking games there - I'd have liked to have seen that WW1 game for myself as it looks superb.

    I will get down to a South-East show at some point, to meet as many bloggers as I can.

    1. Cheers Roy. Salute would be the obvious choice for show to attend but SELWG would be less work for you and still a pretty good show.

    2. I was thinking SELWG, from what I've seen on the blog show reports. I'll look into it.

    3. I think Selwg would be one of the best choices. Stu knows so many people and bloggers you would get a chance to chat at that show!


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