Monday 6 March 2017

Club game ACW (Fire and Fury)

Best Arial view of the battle BEFORE we start
I am in the Bottom left corner.
Yesterday at the club I played a game of Fire and fury. I have played it a few times last was about 8 years ago. I asm a big fan of the no fuss simple rules and would be happy to play more.

Anyway here is what happened!

The Rebels
Left to right are
Bob, Colin and Tim.

And the Union
Again left to right.
My seat, Peter (overall command) and Richard
by far the younger better looking and fitter players
(Stop hitting me Bob!)

My position.
My orders were to hold this ridge!

Slowly the Rebs advance on my position.
My artillery use is pitiful
Peter my Commanding officer tells me I actually
 need to put the metal balls in the guns!

Overall they advance. Bob leading the Way.
And peter coming off of the hill to
engage the enemy more closely
I thought he just wanted those 2 units to die quickly!

And still I wait.

They do creep closer.
Mostly due to bad dice rolls only letting them move at 1/2 speed.

The whole Reb line advances.
Peter looses 1 whole unit and the other runs back up the hill and
fills the gap it had left!

Bobs troops advance on the wood and the hill.
putting the left flank under a lot of preasure

Tim advances into contact.
First he fires at my gun battery and forces them to linber up
While in MY centre his BIG unit charges my weak unit
(Only 6 stands)

A combination of good dice rolls buy me
and bad dice rolls by Tim
forces the big unit off of the ridge line
My artillery is caught while limbered up and destroyed.

Tim was unsoported and his troops that had captured the gun battery
needed to withdraw
His Big unit reformed and charged up the hill again!

He ploughs into that unit and even managed to attck the on behind
The dice gods were not terrible to me but nor did they favour Tim greatly
But both units were pushed back

I was able to pivot my gun
but low on ammunition I rolled the dreaded 1

The Centre of the line Held
As Colin was very unfortunate and could
not advance sufficiently to put it under presure

The Union Left was badly battered and was about to be broken
by Bob. But we ran out of time

 Conclusion: Well we did run out of time so a final outcome will not be known. However, I was in a position to still contest the ridgeline and was even thinking of sweeping down into the left and supporting the Middle. Richard (on the union left) was not in such a position. He was holding on for dear life. (I am sure he will dispute that!) and Bob was pushing through. Both centres had hardly been touched and while Peter had lost a unit (and a half) because of his advance he was still in a good position.

We had to settle on and inconclusive draw. But it was a fun game and I am inclined to try to pick the rules up for myself.

All the Terrain and Models were supplied by Tim.
All the best hope to post again soon.


  1. I'm painting lots of ACW toys, at the moment. 10mm Pendraken (land) and 1/600 Peter Pig (naval). The land side of the painting is meant to be for games with the club (including Dave Doc and Martin Cooke) using Fire & Fury. I'm on the Confederates (team) while those two are helping others with the Union. To round it off, I've just put my name down to play in another PBM where I'll be playing as the USA - but I don't know whether the chap playing the CSA will want to kick off a war with me, or I should look West and expand against the (Native) Indians.

    1. Thank you Roy. That all sounds very exciting. I know Dave Doc will do a good job bringing it all together.

      I will be very interested in your PBM as well.

    2. Yes, don't know much about the pbm game - its been going for around 8 years now, but has altered from the historical Victorian game the GM intended to being more 'imaginative' thanks to the players. So, for example, some player has created a fleet of Zeppelin airships rather than a normal navy - The argument being that he researched better observation balloons and such technology, and is now ruling the skies with his incredible flying machines. So plenty of room for player inventiveness. Some chap has made it his goal to have Harry Flashman scramble around the place and get into scrapes, while his 'Britain' builds Test Match Cricket Grounds and tries to convert the World to drinking tea and playing cricket. Bismarck is currently locked up in a Sultan's dungeon, while French Nuns go around causing havoc in the Sultan's Harem by trying to get the women to think for themselves. Bismarck's rescue party is fighting his way in to save him, only for the German fleet in the harbour to be blown to smithereens by another European power who'd mistaken them (conveniently) for someone else. So total chaos and meant to be played as a bit of fun.

    3. Sounds like a lot going on. And it all sounds interesting

  2. Shame you ran out of time Clint, but the game mechanics seemed to be working well.

    1. Thank you Michael. I was lucky to push the first assault back. That really was just pure luck. The game did work very well. So well in fact I feel like building an army! (Hang on a moment that's maybe a little strong!)

  3. Nice looking game.....I really need to get my ACW painting head on.

    1. Thank you Matt. I do have some 6mm ACW stuff to paint..... maybe just maybe I will get round to it soon.

  4. Very nice Clint. I have plans to tackle ACW in the future with a smaller scale, probably 10mm, so I can play games like this. I currently have ACW in 54mm so more oriented to skirmish.

    1. Thanks Rod. As mentioned above I have some 6mm acw to paint, this game may be the motivation.

  5. A pity about not being able to resolve an outcome to what appears to be a very tight battle. F ire and Fury are a decent set of ACW rules , but allways left me thinking they weren't sufficeint for my wants.
    On the plus side your game does provide you all with a lot of debating material on 'what ifs'.

    1. Thank you Joe. I grant you Fire and fury are pretty basic. But for me they are better then the other rules played for ACW at the club.

      As for debating material. I think it was a marginal Union victory. Our left wing was in trouble, But our centre was firm and the right wing (my side) was still contested but the rebs did not have sufficient troops to push any advantage. I still had 1 completely fresh unit and 2 gun batteries. I was about to pivot one battery and assist the middle of the line.

      Of course the lying no good rebs may have a different out look!

  6. Great battle Report - I really like fire and fury

    1. Thank you Miles. The rules do have a lot to commend them.

  7. Cracking looking game Clint and looked fun despite not managing to finish. Was that just the size of the game or more that you were picking up the rules?

    I did lol at the comment about remembering to put in the metal balls :D

    1. Thank you Simon.Mostly it was the size of the game, but about 20% was me dithering about the rules. It could have been quicker/

      Well it was a deserved comment. I was doing terrible with the artillery at that point!


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