Monday 7 August 2017

Chosen Men (Trial game)

Yesterday at the club we had a game of "Chosen Men" the Osprey rules. Tim provided everything, troops terrain rules etc. So All I had to do was turn up and play. Firstly let me say I do not like Napoleonic's so I am always going to be a bit sceptical so take most of what follows with a pinch of salt. 4 played (Matt and Bob (as the French) Grahame and Myself (as the Prussians and not as Matt insisted on calling us "the Vile Huns!")

It was all 28mm size and did look nice, But I am sorry not my thing at all period wise.

Most of the Battlefield
Me on the Left, Grahame or the right.

My troops
" Line Infantry Units and 1 Landwier

Grahams troops
3 Line units and a Skirmisher Unit

I was opposite Matt
BOB sat down diagonally opposite me
he chose NOT to face me.
The Rotter.

So infantry move 4" a turn
I must admit I dithered with the Unit in the middle
and could have played them better in the first few turns

As Predicted Matt initially sought cover
Behind a hedge. But as he found it did not provide much protection
Decided to advance

On the Right Grahamwas fighting a good fight and
Bob was sufferng

Coming out from behind the hedge, Matt's troops
very quickly closed the ground and decided to see how the
melee combat worked.
It worked well for him and erhm.. not quite as well for me!

My Landweir were driven back and then slaughtered.
(Not one survived)
Creating a hole in the line.
But my unit now in the trees
 were able to bring a devastating fire on Matts
troops that had not charged

On the left matt's line unit was reduced to a single officer
I refused to shoot a single officer with a whole unit
It strikes me as the act of a Cad.

Graham is fought to a stand still by Bob
And that wall is the contest of SEVERAL melees by both sides.

With the hole in the line
Matt tries to encircle Graham.
And Graham is forced to give up possession of the wall

Towards the end of the game.
Bob throws first one unit and then the next
at Grahams troops
All the skirmishers from both sides are down to but 3-4 figures each

A big scrum in the right with all the surviving units
(except mine and one of Bobs) Involved
Both me and Bob were engaged in killing anything else trying the join the fight
which was very successful and nothing over 1/3rd strength got into the action.

Conclusion: Whether it was a plan well executed or lucky dice roll need not be worried about here. The result was Clear. The Prussians were able to fight of the continued French attacks and as a result we won. Yes another win for me! I know I know this winning is becoming a bad habit.

Thoughts on the rules. Yes they worked, were they what I would call a skirmish game NO> We had 12 men to a unit and 7 units on each side. Some may say this is a skirmish but not for me. I have seem FAR to many people playing Napoleonic's were 12 figures represents a whole regiment, and not a squad or section. Tim put far too many officers in the game. In the end Melee there were at one point MORE officers fighting than men. To me the balance seemed wrong. But as it was his first game getting the balance right was always going to be tricky.

A fun day and I will try the rules again, but the whole period is not one I enjoy. So perhaps I am bias. Sometimes you come home from the club full of enthusiasm unfortunately I cannot claim this was the case this time. I am not complaining you simply cannot like every game. That would prove impossible for me.

But a fun day and nice guys and a chance to roll some dice. Maybe next time though I may sit the game out if at the club, obviously not at a a show (which I know will be next!)


  1. Thanks for posting this Clint - it's the first AAR I've read for these rules, so it's been very informative.
    I don't mind a bit of Napoleonic (it's what I started with all those years ago), so it's nice to see what the "current generation" of rules are like.... and I tend to agree with your question about this set qualifying as 'skirmish' gaming.

    1. Thank you Addict. I must stress the rules did work, but as a mall battle set. For me a skirmish is less than a Platoon (less than 20 me really) a side. I think IF it had been that small I could be happier with the idea. A few men on patrol I like that idea. For me it was too big but others may really love this feel to the game.

  2. Seeing as Napoleonic gaming introduced me to the whole concept of wargaming i still have a soft spot for it but only from afar. I wouldn't consider gaming it nowadays. Still, look on the bright side - at least you won... again!

    1. Thank you Bryan. Fear not Winning shall not be a long term habit. I can almost promise you that!

      I am sure there will be a Napoleonic set of rules I will fall in love with. This one is not it though. It was Ok but not a skirmish set in my opinion.

  3. Great report Clint, as you say if it's not an era you enjoy gaming it can lose it's appeal.
    If you liked every game it would be extremely expensive and you'd need a warehouse to store it all!
    It's always good to try other systems even if it's just to see how the game mechanics work

    1. Thank you Dave. One just cannot love everything. The uniforms look nice and I do like the look of the games but generally they do not suit me. Rules wise they were simple but I did not feel they offered much new and exciting. It was a bit games workshop like with officers being the last to die in EVERY case! "But If you don't like something , don't complain do better yourself" seems to be my current thinking. And maybe I would IF I liked the period.

  4. Hmmm... I recently bought "Chosen Men" as a skirmish alternative to "Songs Of Drums & Shakos"; and wasn't impressed by what I read tbh. 7 Units of 12 minis per side is not skirmish in my books either Clint, but at least you had fun - which ultimately is the main point of gaming imho... and as you say, another win. Surely with such a string of victories on your belt you'll be entering tournaments soon ;-)

    1. Thank you Simon. I am more likely to run a tournament than enter one I think. I really must try "Songs of Drums and Shako's" It may well be my cup of tea. (only time will tell). Ahh look the guys at the club are great and always make me feel at home so even when I do not like a game I can enjoy it!

  5. I love the Napoleonic period but can understand others who dont gel with it. However nice report and I have also gamed periods I dont feel an affinity for. Fun and social interaction is the winner in these instances.

    1. Thank you Carl. We all have periods we like and those we dislike. My dislikes are ECW and Napoleonic's I am Ok with almost everything else. Well almost.

      On a side not I will be painting my Aeronef fleet tonight to see how it goes. Thank goodness I selected an easy paint theme!

      I shall read your AAR Areronef battle later today. I am looking forward to it.

    2. Glad you enjoyed my Imperial Skies AAR. I look forward to seeing your fleet painted.

    3. Thanks Carl. My fleet is mostly painted. I will finish it tonight... Maybe a few extra days to rig and base etc.

  6. Nice report Clint. Does look like fun, but I do agree it looks a bit bulky for skirmish.

    1. Thanks Rod. Currently painting Aeronef fleet Hope to finish tomorrow night ready for blog post on Wednesday. (Fingers crossed)

      I agree it was far to bulky for my tastes. Still I am sure many others will like it.

  7. I do like the look of Napoleonic games, but just can't see me every painting enough units to make it to the table.

    1. Thank you Michael. I feel the same. But I have a plan... it might not be the best of plans only time will tell.

  8. Another win ? So where's the real Clint and what have you done with him?
    Whilst I've no doubt the game was fun (and at least you had a game), it looks neither one thing or another. Skirmish games I always thought were individual figures whilst Napoleonic games cry out for battalions, this looked wrong to me and seemed to play out poorly too, but I could be wrong and would be willing to still give the game a chance.

    1. Thanks Joe. I know what you mean it kind of fell between two stools. It is not a period I really like so I can't judge it fairly so I do not want to be to critical. It did play a game and it was OK but just not my thing. Others will try it and love it I am sure.

  9. Congrats on the win. It certainly looks good. But even I have to agree the numbers don't seem to add up for it.

    1. Thank you Brummie. As stated earlier it is not my period at all. So I am always going to be bias. Despite that the game has given me a new direction, no , nothing Napoleonic I promise, although I was tempted by a skirmish game of a different period.


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