Sunday 13 May 2018

Yesterday atthe club

My Tank
A Panzer 2
I was having a 5H1T day yesterday, everything I tried went wrong. And then I got to the wargames club. and things went right (at least until I left). Ahh the joy of a decent hobby.

I was going to play Matt at Aeronef, but I broke 2 models looking for the fleet and dropped a box of figures. So I phoned Matt and he was "Don't worry we can do something else!" We did do something else, we both Joined a game of "What a Tanker!" which was run by Graham.  This time it started with me and Graham as the Germans and Dick (aka Richard) and Matt playing the British.

The map from
my seat.
 Both the British were in A-13 Crusiers which I had used last game so I knew they were an OK  tank for the period I was in as already mentioned a Panzer 2 while Graham had a Panzer 35 T which is (game wise) exactly the same stats as the Cruisers. So it was even on points.

The map was a little more open than last time and having almost no armour and a little pop pop cannon I was going to be reliant on using any and all cover I could! (Gulp)

Das Hero Panzer(yeah right)

Dick Tank

Grahams Tank

Matt's tank

As Dick shot at me and missed. I was suffering
from cruelty to small tanks Syndrome.
Yes I ran away and tried to put a hill  between us.
It did not work and he shot at me again.
and again missed

Matt went hull down and Graham  started shooting at him

Richard felt confident and pushed forward determined
to persecute a small and weaker tank

But My tank had teeth.
I was able to circle around and By using the Building
as a covering piece of terrain
get behind him and fire into his weakest parts.

Despite being hull down Matt takes enough hits to drive him back
 and then destroy him.

Graham takes cover from the 2 new British tanks

Richard tries again to be needlessly cruel to small and cute  small tanks
 and pushes forward . Trapping me behind the building

Matt's Second tank dies easily on the next turn
having only been on the table 1 turn

The cruelty to small tanks continues and Richard sets me on fire.
Seriously guys there needs to be a law against cruelty to small tanks

The game did not end here 2 more people joined in. And now I took charge of a panserjaeger 1. (the weakest of all Tank hunters). Naff armour but a good gun for the period.
And I turned it around. even if I took no pics. Graham lost his tank and brought on a second 35T. Kev joined the Germans in a Panzer 3 and Tim joined the Brits in another A13 cruiser tank.
After a while the game ended.  and the battle field was strewn with tank wrecks. Some German but more British. The only survivors were Matts Bailed out crew on one kill. Grahams crew on no kills and my crew on 4 kills.
I know that next time we play they will all target me especially if I am in a Tank Destroyer. Not just for revenge, although I am sure that will be a factor, but as much to stop me becoming an ace tanker and getting an advantage or two. The rotters. (I am sure I would do the same though so I can't really complain). Either that or they will all start to take German panzerjaeger 1's so do not buy any more Graham.
That's it for now. As no pics you are free to believe I did not do so much damage and I will not blame you even to me it seems far fetched and unlikely! (And I was there, in front of witnesses)
Enjoy the day. Play if you get the chance and dream if you can't play
All the best Clint


  1. Great game...Looks like it helped alleviate what was otherwise a bad day. Just what a good hobby should do!

    1. Thanks Lee. I am enthused at the moment son just maybe I will post again tomorrow. If so I have 2 tanks just finished. Ah the joy of light in the mornings.

  2. Of course we believe you, Clint! Congratulations on your successes (and I'm glad that your day had at least some good moments :-) ).

    1. Thanks Colgar. I know they will all be gunning for me next time! Can't blame them at all. Not an ace yet of course, but getting Ace status is a big deal and with a big reward as well in that you can change any one dice to any other number (except a 6) and that is a very big advantage.

  3. It looks like you all had fun which is the main thing Clint, I'm sure they will be gunning for you next time so you don't get any advantages, but maybe the dice gods will favour you and you get them anyway !

    1. Thanks Dave maybe I shall start to get some French armour. That will give them something to chuckle about. Nah yesterday I got lucky ad I know it. next time I will fall flat on my face!

  4. That looked like a lot of fun, Clint. I recently watched a YouTube video of "What a Tanker" being played and it seemed like a great game. I'm sure if I was still into WW2 gaming I'd give it a go.

    1. Thank you Bryan. It is a good "Party" game. It was more fun the more people were involved. It is one of those games I expect to be played a lot for 2 years and then a lot less but still come out sometimes for a giggle.

  5. I reckonyou're going to be a well-deseved Ace and the nemesis of the brits for a while yet; your hit and run tactics with a small tank were spot on even if you rode your luck a bit.
    Once more it proved to be a fun game that could be put on quicly giving you a much needed-pick-me-up.

    1. Thank you Joe I agree this will become a standby game for when nothing much is planned. As for the hit and run tactics I need more practice but at least I proved they worked. I was not expecting to brew it on 1 shot! Just Dumb luck that time. But I was lucky I actually was ready to fire twice more if need be. I just needed more move dice to get out of trouble afterwards

  6. Great report Clint and I love the last line, consider me dreaming.

    1. Thank you Michael. Remember to dream BIG it does not cost anymore!

  7. looks like this was a fun club game dude - congrats on your successes

    1. Thank you Andy. Yes a very good club game and I imagine many clubs will play it. As for my success if Kev and Graham had not kept the British busy I would not have done at all well so much of the credit needs to go to them

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Simon. A typical club game in looks really. I just cannot believe I did so well though!


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