Saturday 28 January 2012

AS you can see I have started the coast/cliff boards. But I got called away, so it will have to wait until next week before I do any "REAL" work on it. The top picture shows the wooden edge that will be common on all the cliffs so they can fit side by side without leaving massive gaps. I have not measured the angle, as I did not see the need, I just went with what I thought looked about right but I'm now thinking I could have made them steeper. This is the "outside corner and as such will take a lot of materials especially as I think I want a lighthouse on the top. But I shall be making it up as I go along so pretty much anything could happen.
This board is 24 inches square. and should reach a height of 11 inches plus the light house. I have glued the first few layers of polystyrene down and will give it a chance to dry before I add more layers and take it to full height. Originally I was going to work to the pencil lines but I could not get the polystyrene sheets I wanted at B+Q so I settled for some smaller and cheaper ones. As with all things I'll try to save money on wargames projects where I can so I was not too disappointed with getting smaller ones. In an Ideal world Blar Blar Blar...

I'll settle on the rusty armour for the skaven Marines. I was asked why I thought metals that far in the future would rust. I can think of several reasons, like they use a material that corrodes for the same reason that we don't make modern tanks out of stainless steel. It could be expense, durability, resilience, scarcity of materials or the reason I have selected, because I like the look of it. Other than that I have not sat at my freezing cold attic painting table, because it is just that at the moment, freezing cold. I'll no doubt use the excuse of being to hot in the summer!

Lastly to Kev who broke his ankle on Thursday. Get well soon mate, take care and we'll talk soon no doubt.

All the best Clint.

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  1. lol I thought it was a cake at first. bit of a victoria sponge going on.


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