Tuesday 24 January 2012

This is just to remind you all what the moon boards turn into once coloured up.The figures are 25mm space suited figures by Ground Zero Games Painted in a very bright green so as to strongly contrast with the greys of the terrain. These are two of my own boards and not part of the ones I'm currently making,  although they should look the same when done. As mentioned previously the latest one is drying out and if the weather is ok, (Not to cold or wet) it should get another layer of paint glue and sand before I write again. Kevin pointed out a set of Horror clix zombies in space suits currently on ebay. I'm still umming and ahhing about getting them, so for now I'll pass although "Zombies from Outer-Space!" really does sound like such a NAFF B movie you'd have to go and see it.
Moving on. It has been a slow couple of days on the painting and making front. Nothing new to share just yet.feels like a "Must do Better" type school report.
 I have however been thinking, The dock-scape is going on hold for a bit (I imagine Kev and Relfie scowling at me as I type that). Having had a better look at the one that Karl at Crooked dice has done I think using the paste table is no longer the way to go. I have not given up, just set it aside till after Cavalier (end of Feb) where I can have a chat with the CD guys and pick some brainz.
 I'm looking after my nephew for the next couple of days as he's been sent home from school ill today and I'm down as his emergency contact, it's nothing serious to worry about, but far to serious to play on the X BOX. If he's well enough to play X BOX he's well enough to go to school. That's the rules as laid down by my beloved sister and who am I to argue with her. So it looks like it will be a Jurassic Park afternoon, or maybe Eight legged Freaks.!
Hopefully I should have something to show on Thursday... Must do Better!

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