Thursday 16 February 2012

Fantastic Voyage idea

All these pics are of my latest eBay win. They were painted by the previous owner, but I WILL be repainting them. (but not straight away).  Down the club on Sunday Tim was talking about a few projects he plans this year. I won't give anything away about the direction we wants to take FRONTLINE WARGAMING in, but one of the game plans was to start some 15mm science fiction games using "Tomorrows War" by Ambush alley games. He's sent for the rules (I think it was his son's pester power if I'm honest), the same rules I got for Crimbo but have yet to read as it happens. So I did a quick eBay search and some of these were for sale. 22 in all, although I don't like 2 of the figures so will not be using them. I know I'm fussy, yeah live with it. These are by Brigade Games, another local firm and they are intended for 15mm Science fiction wargames. The figure however is a GZG 28mm. The joy of using things which are obviously alien is that they don't have a scale. Which means these can be any size. I have toyed with the idea of doing a "Fantastic Voyage" game before and am currently discussing the idea on the Crooked Dice Forum. Not many people have posted any feedback about it yet, I think they are waiting to see how it goes and what I do with it. Which is pretty wise really as I might fall flat on my face.
I am confident the guys down the club will go for the idea, as it's something completely different. I have never seen it done at a show either so if it all goes well it might be quite eye catching. Time will tell. All the pictures are is to show the range of "vehicles" that I managed to secure at an absolute bargain price. In one way I feel sorry that I was the only bidder and yet I am very happy to have gotten them at the opening bid. His loss (sorry mate) and my gain.  Anyway back to the game idea. If you have not seen "Fantastic Voyage"the basic idea is that a very delicate operation has to be carried out INSIDE the living body of a man. The Film stars and a submarine are shrunk and injected into his body where they have to move along the arteries and capillaries to reach the location that they have to perform the operation. I see the game being focused on two teams (players) one team must carry out the operation, the other team must stop the operation from being a success. And all these "tanks" being the bodies natural defences, antibodies if you will. Which will endeavour to winder both teams as they "protect" their host body from coming to harm. Well that's the basic idea. More on this project should it get carried further.

Up the shed the moon board is drying nicely and should go to paint over the weekend. The coast board is also coming along well. I have added the 3 inches to bring it to full height and if dry tomorrow I'll do the basic carving on the cliffs. And then that's the boring bit done with The exciting bit is next where I swear a lot make a mess and panic.

Due to babysitting duties I have painted nothing more than last time.

Anyway that's it for today,

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