Thursday 16 February 2012

Fantastic Voyage 2 (More "tank" pics)

As not all the pics came out on the last post here are the rest. Mostly I have 3 of each type, but only one flier and 4 of this one. Last pic shows all the types together for a comparison of size. Colour wise I have three projects for these bug vehicles. Moon boards, Tim's desert boards in 15mm, and the fantastic voyage game.  Colours should suit all three terrains if possible, but undecided just yet, either beetle like or worm like is my current thoughts. But any suggestions welcome. Always happy to have constructive feedback.

We can play on the moon boards as soon as there's a spare slot at the club. which should be 6 weeks time if Kev, Tim and Relfie desire (or anyone else). Up to you guys I know you'll let me know.

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