Monday 26 March 2012

3 Musketeer Game and WIP compund

Two things today, firstly the club game I put on over the weekend. Due to the nature of the homebrew rules it would be pretty difficult to give a battle report as there's no movement restrictions and each figure is encouraged to take multiple "actions" in their turn. However as an overview,  there were 2 musketeers and 2 cardinals guard and Rochfort (who turned up part way through the game). So or me the highlights were in no particular order:
  • Having an empty barrel placed over my characters head.
  • Kev having 6 stun markers on his character all at the same time. (yes they all stack)
  • Rochfort "Groping one of the female market traders.
  • Stealing the Cardinals ring and throwing it across the tabletop, only to be plucked out of the air by one of his guards.
  • Several jokes about the Cardinals ring!
  • The amount of fruit,veg and pies that were thrown at each other, rather than trying to run each other through with sword and dagger.
  • The fact that several players paid for the fruit,veg, pies etc..that they had used. Honest bunch arn't we!
  • Relfie's guard having a snooze half way through the fight.
There were loads of other things that happened and it is remarkable how many 1's you can roll on a d20 or how many 4+ you can roll on a d6, when you need 1-3. Overall it worked, but not as well As I would have liked. I shall therefore make the following adjustments.
  1. Start action on a d12 as opposed to a d20.
  2. Reduce wounds from 5 to 3.
  3. Change defence on the De Grassi fighting style to a dice increment in their favour as opposed to 2 dice and take the worse.
  4. allow players to buy off three stuns in exchange for a wound.
I'll type those changes into the rules today.

Meanwhile back in Afghanistan I have a few work in progress (WIP) pics of the first compound I'm building for the Broadside game. It has a 3mm MDF base and the main walls are of 4mm "grey board" which has a slight "stucco" like texture which should translate quite well when it goes to paint. I hope to make 2 more "compounds" this week in the same materials. With luck this should be enough for the first 2x2' board, which should represent an agricultural village when combined with the other 3 planned boards.


  1. Now that sounds like a fun game, compound looks brilliant so far, how much for one in 15mm:D

  2. Musketeers game sounds like it was a great laugh. Compound is coming along nicely


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