Saturday 24 March 2012

White Van Man

This is another Britannia miniatures from Grubby tanks ( It has a 12.7mm Heavy machine gun in the back and a guy who looks like he wants to use it. The primary aim of this model is to give the British players something to think about, worry about and use anti tank weapons on. Which I imagine they will be more than happy to do. IF I know the average wargamer at all they will be itching to have a pop at it. It was a very quick and easy model to paint. Starting with a white undercoat as the base colour (this technical has only had the windows painted (wet on wet so no obvious lines as the blues get lighter). The bed of the pickup a very dark grey and the tires. I then just weathered it a little so it looked uncared for and battered and generally kicked around. It is after all mostly going to be used as target practise by the coalition forces. I am told that MJ figures whom I mentioned on Thursday are also going to make a technical as well. I hope, but do not know, that it will be sufficiently similar so I can use it as well. And yet different enough that they don't look like copies. With luck it will be a different car make and model as this will add variety. Until I see one though I'll just be keeping my fingers crossed.

I have just finished the construction of a "Compound". No Photos yet, maybe Monday. which is the first piece of real constructed scenery. I have unfortunately used up all the 4mm thick "grey board" I went this morning to try an art supplier and was informed they no longer stock it as it is slightly acidic and could over time damage any artwork in contact with it. Still we don't worry about that, he has agreed to try his suppliers and see if he can still get some. I'll know in 3 weeks. Meanwhile back on the ranch, I have some 2mm thick "grey board" so lamination will start this afternoon. I should have enough to make 3 or 4 more compounds, which actually should be enough as most of the buildings need not be "compounds" as they seem to be mostly "farms". By that I mean a group of related families all living within a walled courtyard and working the land. Well that's my understanding of it although I am aware that they are not all agriculturally based.

I had a penny drop yesterday. It was so Blummin obvious that I had overlooked it. For a while I have wanted to include choppers in this game. The cost was the thing stopping me. Visually they will add great impact by giving the game table height. I was reading a published scenario in "Enduring Freedom" the Force on Force Afghan war supplement. The scenario with the special "Where's Ross?" Rule to do with a TV camera crew and presenter.... I'll let you guess which TV presenter they are hinting at with the name of the rule. Finally coming to the point that scenario has top cover 1-3 you can call in an Apache (AH 64) gunship or 4-6 you get an Warthog (Fairchild A10). For some reasons online auction sites fixed wing models seem a lot cheaper than rotary wing. Therefore as long as I get one Chinook helicopter I can supplement it in a ground attack role with fixed wing aircraft. Problem solved.... at least for now.

Club game tomorrow so I'll try to get some pics for a Post on Monday. All the best Clint.

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