Saturday 10 March 2012

32 traders, 12 clubs and 23 games so far

The title of today's post is where we are with Broadside 2012 (so far). Yes we have 32 confirmed traders from the mighty warlord games down to several one man bands. While we have 12 clubs confirmed to put games on as demonstration and participation, several of the traders have also decide they want game space as well. This helps everyone, the traders get a platform to showcase their games, the organisers get another attraction which we don't have to organise and the public get a really good looking game to watch. I say really good game, as they (the traders) do tend to put good games on, usually very spectacular well made scenery and well painted figures. As mentioned above this is where we are at the moment and it puts us ahead of where we were this time last year. The magazine adverts have been paid for so they should start appearing soon as well, I remember saying last year, once the adverts start to appear more traders will take notice, and I was right. Last year we continued to attract traders up to the deadline, with the last one coming on board 2 days before the show date. That's leaving it a little late as poor Mark (don't show him too much sympathy he's a Millwall fan after all) was re-jigging the floor plan all the way up to the last minute. I expect nothing less this year, if anything I expect it to be worse with the Flea market idea meaning people turning up on the day and wanting tables.... Needless to say we shall do our best, but miracles take longer.
The two photos show another painted market stall for the three musketeer game. So players will be able to through fruit and veg at each other, take bites out of apples and maybe even stick tomatoes on their swords before they try to run each other through. The rules actively encourage inter-action with the scenery so in a few weeks when we play maybe I'll do a bat rep... but maybe I won't last time I trialed these "homebrew" rules we had multiple characters "swinging" from same chandelier at the same time. This encounter, being in a market should be equally chaotic.

The building is by PMC games, an eBay seller. It comes in two parts ready painted and at a reasonable price. Personally I think it's great and intend to get some more when money allows. It is not without problems though. Historically, architecturally and structurally it's all wrong, but only if you are being pedantic. For example the overhangs should be smaller, no more than 1/4 the floor beams length, which you can clearly see in the top picture (left hand side) is out of proportion. You will also notice (in both pictures) that the timber framing (which should be the structural skeleton of the building) is interrupted by the windows. In real life you would never weaken a building in this way it would make it unstable and likely to collapse. Still enough of that it still looks good and I can't see any of the Rainham players worrying about it, well now that they have read this they will, but normally they wouldn't.

I will not be going to Skirmish on Sunday two shows two weeks apart is too close for me as I need to work through the purchases I made at cavalier first. Talking of which I have some 20mm Taliban on the paint table and with luck should be able to share them with you on Monday. That's it for now, have a good weekend and take care, I'm off to watch the rugby on telly!. Cheers Clint


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