Thursday 8 March 2012


Here are the next four bases for my PBI (Poor Bloody Infantry) force which has a proposed game in 2 and a bit weeks. The overtime is killing the amount of painting I can get done, but at least by doing a little  every day It is progressing. As you can see these are 3 mortar stands and one sniper stand. Not the most exciting picture nor the most exciting subject but even at 15mm scale they look alright and once they all get together and on the table the forces will look presentable.
I started cleaning up the first batch of Taliban for the Force on Force game this afternoon. And they should get into paint in the next 24 hours. Picking two packs at random I pulled out some heavy weapons and leaders. I don't know my modern weapons to well and one of the heavy weapons chaps has something really quite large and I'm not sure what it is. Still if I paint it a dull green colour I can work it out later. Being 20mm (1/72 scale) you should be able to see more detail than these tiddly 15mm chaps. I have also got a little parcel from an online auction house yesterday of some Liberation Miniatures Taliban, only a handful and mostly armed with sniper rifles. I did not realise that until they arrived, but I'm sure I can find a use for them.

I'm a bit rushed at the present so it's a short one today, I'll post again on Saturday, all the best Clint


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