Friday 2 March 2012


Here are the two figures from Crooked Dice that I have painted for Relfie and Kev I mentioned 2 days ago. I have really struggled to get a decent picture of them, and this was the best I could do. It's not that bad, but you can hardly make out the skin colour changes on the fembot. I decided on a "Black" fembot just for variety and because the blue really pops next to the brown. Not getting into colour theory but as they are opposites on the colour wheel I always new it would.  You can just make out the lipstick and the white stripe on the boots which I think gives it a very 60's gogo dancer feel. I had to shoot it against the yellow background as the scientists coat bled into a white background. I gave the scientist grey shoes, and brown trousers as it reminded my of the Open University programmes you used to get on in the telly in the middle of the night. The shirt and tie was obviously something he saw a younger college wearing and thought "Wow that's style".  Still as figures they don't look to bad, and I am sure the two guys will appreciate them. I have a secret (no longer) fembot that I am working on for myself, same pose. I'll try to get a shot of them both together before I pass this one on to Kev. Not sure what colour to paint her clothing, but will try lilac and see where that takes me.

BROADSIDE NEWS: My work at Cavalier has already paid off as another club sent their form back yesterday. Southend wargamers will be putting on a SAGA game for us. The Rejects also handed their form in at the show as well, straight to Alan the main organiser so no idea what they'll be doing but I know they are booked in now. A couple of extra traders also got back to us with forms as well.

Additionally the DBA tournament  will be taking place there (I have nothing to do with that this year) but am lead to believe it's filling up with players and all going smoothly.

Lastly for BROADSIDE 2012, We have the first booking for the flea market. Being a small club there is just not enough of us to man a bring and buy. Also I am aware that there was a number of thefts from the bring and buy at Cavalier this year, not on the scale of the London Riots of course. I am told quite a lot of osprey books were purloined among other things. Theft of any type is of course disgraceful but I am pleased to say seems to be minimal among our hobby, and this appears to be the exception and not the rule.

Anyway back to the flea market. At BROADSIDE we plan to have a flea market where the seller who mans the stall will sell their own items and thus be responsible for any loss or damage. As a new show we don't know how well this will work, if at all. To me this is best suited to clubs as opposed to individuals if only because they should have more "stock".

Back to the paint table: My plan is to finish a few things off  today and Saturday ready for painting the MJ figures (Taliban) I purchased at Cavalier. As these will be for my Club game at BROADSIDE I really need to get a wriggle on as we are 3 months away. using Force on Force and being 20mm scale I don't think I'll need masses to cover everything I want to do. 20mm don't take too long to paint so the main focus need to be the scenery. To-wit I have settled on 2 foot square boards, 4 in number. I plan to make them modular so club games can get a variety of uses out of them, although there will be one setup for the show. We don't want to be changing things half way through the day. I plan for the boards to be a mixture of village and fields in some isolated area. The obvious advantage of taking an isolated village is that the architecture should not have greatly changes for hundreds of years so the boards could be used for other settings, still time will tell and talking is not doing so I shall leave that there for now. I have checked in the shed and have enough raw materials for this so nail hits Wood tomorrow.

Bit longer post than I thought it would be. I'll post again Sunday. Cheers Guys!

Post Script: Thank Goodness for spell checker!


  1. The flea market sounds like an excellent idea, it's like a car boot sale but indoors, the game for Broadside will be a 15mm historical ACW battle using fire and fury rules, more of a demo game than anything else.

  2. Wargaming flea markets have been done before, Not very often in the UK though so I aproach it cautiously, although everyone likes a bargain. With luck I might get my hands on some Rejects..erhm rejects!!!

  3. They look great clint perhaps try a dark grey background or something.

    Flea market sounds a good idea

  4. Yep as Fran said The Rejects have planned an ACW game for Broadside our first game at a shoe EVER, but after a chat with Postie it may yet change, obviously we'll keep you well informed!!!
    The flea market sounds interesting, I've got some figures to flog for my nephew?????


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