Monday 27 February 2012

Cavalier 2012

I did manage to get to the Tonnbridge show Cavalier yesterday (Sunday 26th Febuary). Sorry no pics of the actual show as I had a camera issue on the day. The issue being I left it at home opps! Since Broadside last year I have a very different attitude to shows. They used to be supermarket sweep type affairs and I would look round all wide eyed and mouth open taking in every detail like a junkie searching for a fix. However now it's somewhat different in my mind at least. I have a purpose and not just to get as much lead in as short a possible time as I was capable of. For this show my task was to talk to the various clubs there and encourage them to come to Broadside either as members of the paying public OR to host a game either demonstration or participation. Firstly let me say I did manage to speak to all the clubs putting on games with the exception of two. By talk to I don't just mean an aimless chat with a random member, although there's nothing wrong with that, but a serious and focused chat aboutr the game possibilities with either thier chairman or their club secretary or whom-so-ever I need to twist the arms of. (Pleasently for all no arm twisting resulted from the day). Genuinly got some positive feedback and suspect we should have another four clubs putting on games for us.

Clubs putting on games serves 2 functions at a show, firstly they supply eye candy and such but they also being wargamers themselves inevitably end up being at the show all day end up putting thier hand in thier pocket with one or more traders. This may sound a little mercanry but it is a symbiotic relationship, as the chances are they or some of thier club would be comming to the show anyway and this way they at least get in free and get a day doing what they want.

Other than the entrance fee I was about £45 down before I actually bought anything as one of my friends failed to turn up with enough cash. SO Bank of Clint lent him some and I got a cheque in return, which he promptly spent at the Crooked dice stall. Although I had not bought anything at this stage Tim from Frontline did give me a bag of goodies. (Top centre of the pic) He has made some quite nice resin modern dead figures, the laying down on the ground type and not the walking about type.) I'll start to paint a few later this week so you should get a better idea then. I am not sure if they are on his web site yet or even his FB page.  (
I also bought from him some market stalls for the planned 3 musketeer game. Again I shall sling paint at those as well in the next week or two. So that ticks the scenery bought box.

The book the revenge of the 47 Ronin is indeed an osprey publication and although I knew I wanted a book it was an impulse buy. Another tick from Saturdays list. Also another tick is the single pack of peter pig BAR US infantry. Unfortunatly he does not carry Wild west range to shows unless asked to in advance. However the nice bloke serving has taken my contact details and has promised to send a couple of samples which I thought was fantastic and I am really looking forward to them now. I did get a KR figure case (not shown) and speaking to the guy he has a good source for printed carrier bags which may work for our June show, time will tell where we are with costs and practicality closer to the time. So that's another tick. I did get a CROSS from Wargames Emporium, when I wanted to see some Hydra miniatures though as they had sold pretty much everything the shop had the day before the show. They did have the rules which I had a quick flick through but am not sure about yet. I would need to sit down and read them before I commited myself. The guy were really nice to talk to and have prommised to bring Hydra figures to our show when they come and offered me a discout as show host should I pre-order them, again which is all good as far as I am concerned.

I also got some CROOKED DICE stuff, the summer special and a couple of figures. So that counts as the rules purchase. So I did very well fulfilling the majority of the wish list. Which has made me very happy. Now on to the IMPULSE buys.

I always have impulse buys at shows, but this time I mostly got useful stuff. I picked up two packs of Ironclad miniatures. I Bought the MR HYDE figure for the sole purpose of painting up as a Zombie character, being larger than your average zombie and quite muscly I hope he'll make a decent repersentation of a TANK. I also on a whim bought two figures who reminded me of sand people from star wars. These are the only 2 things I can't see myself using in the near future.

The real isnpirational purchase for me was the packs of Taliban (20mm) from MJ figures. They are well animated well proportioned and well cast I shall enjoy painting them. I nearly bought som of his other ranges as well, but was determined not to have the lead mountain grow too much more.

Overall it was a good day out, I did feel that numbers were down on last year as it did not seem too crowded. The games were nice the traders varied and I would look forward to going next year.

I'll post again Wednesday, talk soon cheers Clint.


  1. Good to hear it was a good day as well for your Broadside show, good purchases and good report sir....

  2. Thanks for the kind words. WE are ahead of our position last year with regard to clubs and traders for BRAODSIDE. So we just have to hope we can keep the omentum up.

  3. Sounds like it was good day. I picked up my 7TV Rulebook today and the quality astounded me!

  4. Yeah the quality of all their products is 1st rate. and not a bad day by any means I learnt a few things as well about putting on a show which I can feedback into Broadside.


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