Friday 16 March 2012


Here are the first 20mm Taliban to roll of the painting table. Mostly heavy weapons with one rifleman. Two pics a front and back shot as I have yet to identify the weapon the standing guy on the left is aiming. It looks pretty meaty but not out of scale and you know he'll be target of choice for any coalition forces that are anywhere close to him. As mentioned previously these are 20mm MJ FIGURES (available here. ) I have a few liberation miniatures and a few Britannia Taliban figures as well but they seem a bit cartoonie by comparison I'll have to paint some just to make sure they fit in before I am too harsh a critic.
So if anyone can identify the weapon the left most figure is carrying I would be grateful. I have emailed MJ figures to ask what it is, but as yet no reply. But as it was painted a dull (catachan) green is because that's how it is portrayed on the MJ web site.
All these figures will be mounted on small coins with ready mixed wall filler spread on them to disguise the step of the figures integral base. Then coated in sand and painted. Swamp tufts were then split up and glued to the bases. I did try Highland Tufts first but they looked too harsh so I have had to order more swamp tufts this morning.  It's not until you start to paint Taliban that you ever think about what colour clothes they wear. Most of the news real footage show them in white, but as I don't like painting white I decided that creams and greys would make a good alternative, with some wearing blues reds brows etc to break up the monotony of the grey/cream. In Retrospect I have over painted these and could get the same result by missing one of the highlight stages out. Oh well live and learn, die and forget it all.

I start the next batch this afternoon along with the first of the British troops. Don't get excited I have yet to purchase the bulk of the Brits so this is a special one off figure. You'll see on Sunday no doubt.
I have also started to assemble the Taliban Pickup with HMG which will be one of the very very few Taliban vehicles I will do. With luck I can undercoat it today and start it on the weekend, but I should get some more foot troops done first.

Lastly for today I got the final coat of "muck" on the latest moon board yesterday. so that project is moving along too.

I'll post again Sunday. Thanks for reading, Cheers Clint


  1. I like them, I need to get some in 15mm myself, at first glance I thought it was a recoilless rifle but they're usually mounted on vehicles....

  2. Sorry haven't a clue on the weapon??????? But they look very nice anyway!!

  3. Thanks guys. I think it's a "Taliban Bullet Magnet" as soon as it can be targeted all coalition will shoot at it including off table assets. I worry about some of my club sometimes.

  4. lol at bullet magnet. Nicely done Clint my guess would be a recoiless rifle.

    If you google about abit you'd be surprised at whats gets cobbled together. Theres plenty of trucks with aircraft weaponry hastily welded on top.

  5. Fantastic Link Brummie. Really appreciate it.


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